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so no one can enlighten me on the strange mark on the reverse at the bottom of the eagles tail then ???




I have a similar badge with the same 'dragon' trade mark. I have only seen this mark on the US officers cap insignia. On the British military badge forum they show many variations of the Gaunt trade mark but they do not show the 'dragon'.

J R Gaunt were based in Birmingham.



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That mark is actually a horse head and is a trade mark for J. R. Gaunt. It appears to only have been used on their export US Army officer's cap badges. I have never seen it used on anything else. I have several Gaunt badges with this mark. There are variations in marking wherein the trademark only appears, sometimes on the tail, sometimes on the Glory. Others include the trade mark, spelled out J.R. Gaunt stamped above it and others with an attached brass plate saying "Made in England".



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