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Liberity Loan poster

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I found a nice CHEAP Liberty loan poster from WWI at our flae market. I do not think it is period but it is not new either. Question is how do you tell an old one from a newer reprint? The frame is modern but worth more than I paid. Also got a nice old Flag print in an old frame that do believe is from WWII.



ASMIC 1729





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One way to determine if a paper item is new or vintage is to use a blacklight. There may be other posts on the website here in regard to its use so I will keep it short. Newer paper made since WWII will luminesce when exposed to a blacklight. This is due to the use of whitening agents in modern paper. Also, items done on a laser printer actually cause a small difference in the paper and you can feel the difference by touch. Naturally, you should be suspicious of anything on glossy paper when dealing with posters athough there are exceptions and this is where experince counts. Finally, in my area of expertise which is WWII posters many reprints do not match the size of the original. Also, many WWII posters made by the US Government were folded so unless it has been linen backed, most WWII posters will have fold lines but again there are exceptions. Not all of those may help with your particular question about the WWI piece but it may give you a place to start.




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