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WWII Carlisle First Aid Kit & Pouch

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I would just add that the offered pouch doesn't look - in my opinion - so "mint" as stated by the seller. And a bit expensive too... That said this pouch is interesting -. again in my opinion - because it sports the old style 3 lines markings, just like the earlier pointed flap Jeff. Q.M.D. 1942 (while in a different font). In the same 1943 year the Depot dropped this style of markings, turning to the two lines style, that we will find in 1944 and 1945 examples.

Here some pictures of a 3 lines really mint example, and a later 2 lines marking style...



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Craig ! Outstanding examples of two not so easy to find FA pouches especially in this superb condition...

Yes, obviously I forgot to specify that the pointed flap was the M1924 while the pouch in discussion is a M1942. Anyhow I incline to consider the pointed flap pouch by the Depot as a model on its own, due to the very particular construction... And don't forget that the Jeffersonville Depot made - always in the same year 1942 - a third model after the odd M1910 and the pointed flap... This time a truly standard M1924... Here a couple of pictures of this not so easy encountered FA pouch...

As I told several times in past the Jeffersonville first aid pouches made from 1942 to 1945 could form a little but interesting collection on its own...




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Three different types of the 1942 JQMD first aid pouch that is interesting! those two pictured, I purchased about ten years ago and I paid $45 for the M1910 & the M1924 I purchased from a dealer for $20 and it was a steal!


I have a collection of JQMD canteen pouches as well the 1944 is the hardest to find!


Nice 1942 & 43 pouches by the way!



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