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Bathythermograph - "Smoked Slides" box - info?


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Found this box under an old workbench at my grandfathers house, I was just wondering if anyone had a little more info on it. So from what I understand a bathythermograph measures water temperature at different depths. And it's military purpose was because different water temperatures could affect sonar, and that's about all I got. So first question, is this for a Military one? And what exactly is a 'smoked slide' any info appreciated.




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A BT buoy drops a sensor that indeed measures the temperature gradient vs depth. This is to find the thermocline, which is the depth at which sonar waves "bounce" and under which a sub is theoretically safe. I'm guessing here, but the plot of temp vs. depth is probably etched onto the slide as it is received. It is almost certainly Navy, but the lack of an "AN" code is bothersome. Any AGs out there? Answer up!


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