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Civil Defense Helmet


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Just one of a few pick ups i made here in PA.

Walking around a antique store for about an hour I find a few things but nothing named or in my interest. I find a WWII German Luftwaffe Paratrooper helmet and find the closest employee to open the case. He opened the case and stated that dont buy anything unless you are 100% positive on what it is, because the seller makes reproductions. So i place the helmet down. He points me in the direction of another helmet he knows is true. We walk to the helmet and tells me its belonged to his grandfather.


Saul Meltzez

110 Riverside Dr.

33rd Floor Empire State Building

This is where his post was.


Sorry for the photos, I am in the hotel and only have my phone.









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Nice CD helmet reworked WW1 shell with a lesser common liner system. You should make sure the German para one is not original before passing up on it.

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I myself have a similar one styled as the M1917 but the stamp marking is unusual. It has a spade design with 86 next to it under the brim. Any ideas as to the manufacturer?



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