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Local garage sale finds this past week

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haven't been hunting in awhile, and wasn't even planning to go this weekend, but couldn't resist, picked up a couple of ww2 helmet liners, one is marked firestone the other is a westy. the firestone has a vietnam era headband dated 1972, and is painted white, the westy is also painted white and has a Korean war era headband, dated 1953. both were used at a local vfw. the man I got them from was Korean war era vet. at another garage sale I picked p a nice ww2 cartridge belt pistol belt and two canteens. the cartridge belt has a inked over usmc stamp and mfg by butt 43. using a magnifier I think I can see some stencil marks. it looks like it might have been traced with the pen. to bad if it is. but the canttens are nice both come with cups there all dated. the one cover ( see pics) has a rare maker mark, one that I never seen. i'll be putting this stuff in the for sale section soon, if anyone is interested send me a message.post-11207-0-81547600-1381100004.jpg





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That is a nice group of finds!


I agree the markings on the belt have been strengthened with a pen, as the manufacturer "Butt" should read "BoyT".



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