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The guy in the deep sea diving gear and wet suit must have been hotter then hell.jeez


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They don't call them Hard Corps for nothing.

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On 10/22/2013 at 9:08 PM, patches said:

Great group of photos 338, we see the unit sign C Company Airborne Ranger 1BN 29th Infantry, yet we see the guidon is C 75. Can you clarify, what was it's official title Co C 1st Battalion 29th Infantry or Co C 75th Infantry (Rangers)? Also we then take it that the C Co Rangers was the C Company of the 1/29 Inf rather than C Battery 83rd FA, would this be correct?



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3 hours ago, rooster77 said:

Does anyone recall this poster? I used to have it on my bedroom wall when I was a youngin.

I hocked it from my Big Sister. Its the band Chicago.

It came in a record album.


Wow, cool, never seen that, is there a back story on this? Woundln't think it was a Recruiting poster, more like a Memorial Day photo, honoring the war dead of the City of Chicago perhaps???

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Its actually of all things an anti vietnam war poster. I dont think it worked though as it was intended..... as I had it on my wall because of the cool uniforms and weapons

and the crosses. I looked at it like a representation of the USA's fighting history. I thought it was cool looking.

And I grew up and joined up so it didnt work as intended on me. I just thought it looked cool.

In the bottom left corner it lists the wars up to Korea and number of dead.

And my step dad had an m1 carbine just like the one the guy in front is holding. He had it in a gun case

in the den. So for me this picture, instead of being anti Vietnam war.... was just a cool image of history to me.

It came in a record album. To my young self, it was a form of recruiting poster. lol

I wasnt worried about croaking..... lol lol.... like most youngins. I wonder too how many of those that joined,

were in the scouts as a kid ? Junior Army training... lol They didnt really need to recruit me.

I sucked it all up as a kid and it was a given. I figure thats how most of us past the age of the last draft

joined up. We all wanted to. It was put there when we were kids.

All the vets that were around. Even from ww1 and the war in vietnam going on. All the movies parades scouting..

Heck they didnt have to recruit a lot of us im figuring. A lot of our dads were ww2 vets. Our uncles etc.. My Grandfather who I knew WW1.

etc etc etc

It was a given


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Think about it. War films.. Toy guns and army helmets for presents. Playing War in the neihborhood with the other kids.

No recruiting need for many of us. lol lol lol/

Thats why organized sports are so important in this country. It teaches people to work in teams to work together.

To think to improvise. To learn how to win and sometimes to learn how to loose.

Good prep for War.


Cheers! And God Bless America !


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Found it Roster, it was a photo insert from Chicago III. a 1971 album.


Artwork, packaging

The album cover design is titled "Tattered Flag" on the band's web site. Included with the album was a poster of the band dressed in the uniforms of America's wars, standing in front of a field of crosses, representing those who had died in the still ongoing Vietnam War. It also gave the number of casualties from each war up until the time of the album's release

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