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WWII Tanker Jacket


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I saw this tanker jacket recently and was wondering if it was original. The smaller size is a good sign, not many people are looking for reproductions at 34R. The zipper also shows some sign of age. The only things that are strange are the shine that the shell has and the very green liner, no brownish tints at all. What do you guys or gals think of the jacket?









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Not original. Lining too thin. Typeface on label too modern.

Juan Gonzalez, Pres.
WWII Impressions, Inc
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Agreed, a reproduction ... probably made within the last 25 years. It does indeed remind me of the US Cavalry jackets, but those jackets had a black label that included the name US Calvary. The later production US Cav jackets had a green wool lining like the one in question.

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and real ones are generic sizing


small,medium,large not in inches

Always looking for WW2 Cavalry,Pack Mule and Constabulary horse platoon stuff.

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