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Flight Deck Crewman's Helmet

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I believe the DLA dates it to 1988, so I imagine it would still have been in service during Desert Storm/Desert Shield.


For you Navy guys--Does the color of the helmet signify anything Or are the colors done by the owners preference? I have seen a few online with unit insignias and paintings on the back so I wasn't sure how much freedom the owners had to personalize these. Thanks for looking!

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The helmets are made for the USN to be used on the flight deck. These helmets have been around since the late 1960s. Other services have also utilized these helmets for various uses. There are several colors to denote jobs. Yellow is for flight deck directors, these guys control the safe movement of all aircraft on the flight deck. Green is used for catapult/arresting gear operators and squadron maintenance personnel. White is used for Quality Assurance/final checkers, Medical, Safety, and VIPs. Purple is used for fuels personnel (grapes). Red is for ordnance personnel (BB stackers). Blue is used for chocks and chains. Brown is used for Plane Captains. Any of these helmets can be modified with a communications headset. I hope this helps.






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I finally got my hands on one of those helmets too but I got the yellow one. I've also got the uniform to fit as well and I am currently waiting for a Yellow Mk 1 Life Preserver vest (Float coat) to arrive as well. I got the cranial from a private seller and the shirts and trousers came from a military surplus supplier.






The helmet has been refurbed with new impact absorbing pads under the yellow impact plates and new sound absorbing foam inside the ear defenders. Size is 7 and still has original reflective tape.



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