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Camp Butner NC museum needs your help!


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Hello everyone,

A lot of you know me here and know I am a soldier in the North Carolina National Guard but I am also on the board of directors for the Camp Butner Society, a 503©(3) non-profit dedicated to honoring the soldiers who called Camp Butner, NC home seventy years ago.


From 1942-1945, over 40,000 soldiers passed through the gates of Butner to receive some of the best training available prior to going to Europe and among them units like the 35th, 78th and 89th Infantry Divisions famously spent some considerable time here.


We have been trying to build a museum to honor both the soldiers and civilans who made Camp Butner what it was, but it has been a long, slow process however we have made some major steps forward to making the dream a reality.


A few years ago, we secured one of the last remaining wooden structures original to Butner to house the museum, but it is in a sad state of disrepair and needs a complete renovation. Because of that, we are asking for your help.


Every tax-deductible donation will help to give the "day room" the much needed attention. It has been a number of things over the years (a laundry, a pool hall, etc) but now we want to reconstruct it as it would have been during the war and eventually open it to the public.


Besides monetary donations, we are also looking for uniforms, medals, photos, documents and anything that might be relevant to the soldiers who were at Butner, or Butner itself.


You can email us at butner.museum@gmail.com and even better, be sure to visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CampButnerSociety to see photos of Butner then and now and to receive updates on our progress. Please "like" us too! Donations can also be sent to:


Camp Butner Society

PO BOX 412

Butner, NC 27509




Thanks a lot everyone,



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I am currently the Det Readiness NCO at the Lumberton Armory. Do you have any flyers or info paper that I can pass out during IDT weekends so that more poeple know about this.




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We're getting a lot of support on our Facebook page and almost up to 50 likes already. We have been receiving emails asking how to help and now I'm hoping to get a story in the Raleigh newspaper.


This is certainly a huge undertaking and I really appreciate all the kind words.



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This is clearly an old post of mine but I wanted to bump it up. Our Facebook page is close to 1000 likes and our museum is going strong.


In September, the town celebrated the 75th anniversary of the camp opening and I was asked to be the keynote speaker. We will be expanding our museum in the next few months and truly appreciate everyone's support.


The 78th Infantry Division was the first to be reactivated here during WWII, but the 35th and 89th Divisions came through Butner as well as lots of other smaller battalions and detachments.


Please visit our page at http://www.facebook.com/CampButnerSociety for stories, updates and photos!



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