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RARE! Leather Suspenders Circa 1905

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I just finished posting on Dispays & Preservation a Cavalry 2nd Lt.'s uniform Circa 1905-10. With the uniform is displayed a set of suspenders identified in the 1905 Regs as a shoulder belt. I have never seen another set in any collection that I am aware of. I'm posting more detailed photos of this piece here as it seems more apropriate as "field equipment". I will show 1 photo with the full uniform to show it as a unit. The rest of the photos will show more detail. Enjoy. George.



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Now that is one piece of US field gear that I had not seen before. thumbsup.gif

Very interesting how the design is reminiscent of the ALICE suspenders introduced about 70 years later. think.gif

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They are reminiscent of the "Y-Suspenders", as used by Imperial and Nazi Germany. Certainly not an innovative design, but as has been said already - very nice, and very rare!



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Hi Cavsaddle, excellent, now that made me sit up and read, beautiful piece in great condition, Cheers ( Lewis ) thumbsup.gif


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Point at which the three straps join.




You mean the TWO straps, surely?


There is the thinner "rear centre piece", and the wide main strap that is split to form the "shoulder strap" sections


It'd be interesting to see the makers drawings for these to get the cutting pattern that was used, as the shoulder straps seem to have a fair amount of lateral movement in the design - which could lead to problems if not maintained in use...


I'd also be interested in more images of the belt clips. Very strange approach to the problem - a belt loop & D-ring did the job for most other armies

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Wow this is the first time I have even heard of or seen these.

I collect pre-1948 US Navy rates, and WWII US Navy enlisted uniforms and equipment.

Wanted: items related to VPB-103, USN jumpers with USMC SSI and USMC uniforms with navy insignia.


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