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Jet age survival kits


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1) Appears to be an early MB-2 seat kit for USAF seats. Missing cushion.


2) Parachute container for NES-8 series parachute assy. Used in the USN/USMC/USAF F-4 Phantom II acft.

Martin-Baker MK-H7 ejection seat from around 1968 to present. Also used with USN/USMC F-8 Crusader

MBEU MK-F7 ejection seat from 1968 on.


3) USAF back pad type life raft container for SA-20 seat parachute? and possibly other parachute assy's.


4) Possibly RSSK-1 Rigid Seat Survival Kit for use in the USN/USMC F-4 Phantom II McDonnell ejection seat

and MBEU MK-H5 ejection seat? Possibly used in the USAF borrowed USN F-4B acft. also? Missing cushion,

lap belt assy., and hoses.


5) RSSK-6 used in the USN/USMC F-8 Crusader acft. MBEU MK-F5 ejection seat. Replaced the earlier soft kit

in the Crusader seat. Missing hoses and lap belt assy.

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Thank you very much on the ID.

This stuff came in a bundle deal. There are multiples of the MB-2 and NES-8 parachute containers. I was hoping to find a home for it all as I have no interest in keeping them.

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