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"new" Helmet out of Natick

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Too hi-tech!!

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Years ago I purchased a test version of the Army/USMC Advanced Combat Vehicle Crewman's Helmet (ACVCH) which had a mandibular protective face mask. He said the guys in the test platoons wouldn't wear the face guard, when I asked him why he said that it was too hard to get off and on the helmet and while it was on the helmet the wearer couldn't smoke, eat, or spit. Made sense to me. The Army dropped out of the ACVCH development program but the USMC continued and actually made the helmet standard issue although I have never seen a photo of a Marine tanker wearing one with the face mask attached.


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So much for cheek weld, guess we won't be firing rifles anymore. Being one that wears a helmet with full face covering, I will say that those that develop these obviously did it in a air conditioned building. For the grunts out there, how long before these reek so bad that even dogs won't come near you???

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