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I feel this is way overpriced...

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I haven't run into many of these parachute survival kits, but for some reason I feel like this is WAY overpriced. Correct me if I'm wrong...




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You would be correct...I know these are rare to find complete and in this condition, but I can say that this is pretty hopeful pricing.



Actively Seeking:

WW2 USN/USMC Attributed/Named Purple Heart Groups

WW2 USN/USMC Combat Aviation Groups


WW2 and Prior USN/USMC Medal Groups


Contact me if you have something



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I agree as there may be someone out in cyber=space with really deep pockets. Danny




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Unfortunately, I see them go for these sort of prices these days. Saw one go recently, complete and unopened like this one for $1,200.


Seems like crazy pricing though!!




Always looking for AAC & AAF flight gear. With a focus on Aleutian and ETO theaters.

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post-13283-0-23986100-1393105586.jpgVery Interesrting! I just successfully complete an estate auction and picked up a fully packed WWII AAF Parachute AN-6510 with an unopened first aid kit tied to the harness. I peeked under a flap and the inspectors lead tab is intact so I did not open the pack. I'm looking for everyones comments and advice on this 1942 rig.

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I am putting the WWII Parachute with attached First Aid Kit on ebaY:


The stenciled side of the seat is marked "42-291803 AAF", interior marked with pilots name and "ESLER FIELD LA". This pilot's survival gear is also marked "Pioneer Parachute Co. Manchester"


Parachute Log Book w/ pen entry Ser. No. 42-291803

1st page reads: Type AN-24 Seat; Part No. AN-6510-1; Mfg: 8/42 Pioneer; Contract No. W525AC26568;

Stations: R.A.D.; Alamo Field; Abeline AAB; Esler Field La.; Muskogee AB Okla;

2nd page is signed in ink "Lt Evans"

3rd page has eight entries starting 12-10-42 and ending 3-4-44


"Technical Instruction Compliance Record" has four entries with the last being the installation of the "Packet, First Aid, Parachute installed 5-26-43" and last inspected "1-15-44

If you are not interested in bidding please pass along this notice to collectors you know. Thanks!





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