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Unknown Navy medal...

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I have just joined this forum, after receiving a collection from a Lt. Johnnie Mattis in WWII, he was torpedo plane pilot who recived a navy cross at the battle of coral sea. with the small collection, is also a medal from 1935 that also looks navy, it says scoutinf force champion, I have a theory that it was awarded for what today would be called war games, but given the image I could be completly wrong. if anyone could tell me about this medal I would appreciate it.


Also there is a navy ring that was in the ammo box (pictured) I believe it was for the enlisted pilot program that disappeared in 1947. however I'm not completly sure.


since image URL does not work go here - http://rommel235.deviantart.com/art/Navy-Medal-1-395945877











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Aloha, welcome to the USMF


I believe what you have there is an athletic award for diving or swimming competitions which were held between various squadron units of the pre-WWII Navy.


During the 1930's and prior to the advent of radar, the Pacific Fleet relied upon a "Scouting Force" to locate enemy fleets and squadrons. This force was usually commanded by a heavy cruiser (such as the USS HOUSTON CA-30 for example) and then leavened out with light cruisers and destroyers which could cover large ocean expanses ahead of the slower Battleship squadrons. The scouting force would use float planes launched from the Cruisers to perform aerial search patterns while the destroyers would use their high speed to conduct surface searches. All of their findings would be reported by "wireless" to the main battle fleet.


These exercises were commonly held on the West Coast and also in Hawaii. There are many photos of the Fleet and the Scouting Force during the 1930's anchored at Lahaina Roads after the maneuvers where they would hold inter ship and inter squadron athletic competitions in Boxing, Wrestling, Swimming etc.


Nice trophy medal, thanks for posting it.


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Any chance you picked up the Navy Cross?

Prince george fire rescue
Always looking to buy

Canadian special service medals German WW2 wound badges and wound medals/badges from every other nation


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Thank you salvage sailor for the information, I could just not find the medal anywhere online
I am curious on how rare it is, given this lack of information…?


Also the curious about the NAP flight 100 class ring (see links in first post) as I have not seen one before, I know it for the enlisted flight school, but I was unaware that they received rings upon graduating, how rare is this item…?


Unfortunately Wolfman I have not found the Navy Cross medal (have about 6 ribbons though)

Johnnie Mattis served in the navy till after Korea. However there are still parts of his previous house, which my grandparents bought to be cleaned out, (which is where these were found) however given that it was not in the WWII aircraft cartridge starter can like everything else I am not counting on finding it.


I Live in Pensacola and because I also found paperwork indicating he was an original donor to the Naval Aviation museum I might go over to the museum and see if there is anyone that knew him, and if he gave them the navy cross, Though he may be buried with it. Also if they might be interested in these two items…


I may be a WWII history buff, but I have never been big in collecting medals. Just gear and weapons from WWII; things that made the difference in the battle or war, not that those who fought did not make a difference.


Below is a link to the navy cross citation – I must say that he had an interesting experience, going out one day and having a Japanese carrier sunk, then coming back to Lexington and having to abandon her the next day when she had to be scuttled from Japanese attack.




Thanks again, any more information would be greatly appreciated.




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