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Watercolors done by B17 ball turret gunner


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These were done by a man who was a B17 ball turret gunner. He is in his late 80's now, he said that after coming home he had a real hard job(LOL), he was a photographer for Coppertone, he photographed the swimsuit models. He would take pencils and paper and make drawings during the long flights too and from missions. After returning to base he would do them in watercolors.These are is 2 favorite watercolors. He gave me these 2 prints at Veterans day shows we have done together. The top one is a B17 with flash suppressors on the rear guns. The 2nd one is of a tailgunner. He said that after returning from a flight he was sitting under the wing of his plane and noticed this man sitting alone under his wing, so he did a quick drawing. He later found out that this man had just lost his 2 friends that were waist gunners, he just sat down and cried. I included a small photo of Mr. Brasher, the artist who did these prints.



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Wow... very sobering story to the second one.


Speaking as a fellow artist to Mr. Brasher, these are very well done. And that comes from a guy who doesn't really care for watercolors too much!


Looks like he was in the 92nd BG, yes? A friend of mine has an Uncle who was with the 92nd and I've taken a keen interest in the group... do you know which squadron Mr. Brasher was in and what the time period was?


Thanks very much for sharing these!



Fade to Black...

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