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Survival Took Kit, Airman's, Type III

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Here is a unique piece of gear. The Survival Took Kit, Airman's Type III. I will have to track down the rest of my photos. (Lost a lot when the MS worm first hit while I was working out in AZ)


What I recall about this tool kit is that the sheath/container is designed to attach to the Survival Took Kit, Airman's Type IV aka "the Woodsman's Pal". See photo 2.


Each blade fits into a handle. Which looked familiar to me and yep it was in my old tool box - smaller and silver instead of red. (Missing the photo for the handle - will try and dig this out before the summer is over.) It has screw with a wing nut to install the blades.


There is an ice breaker/ scrubber attachment for clearing ice off of planes? (Not certain about this - it has been 11 years since I looked at the kit.




And here is the label:



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