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USS Indianapolis Ship Printed Newspaper & Documents Group

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This is a small collection of paper items from the USS Indianapolis that span from 1933 - 1943. These items include, "The Royal Works", "A souvenir of the Neptune Party", 16 March 1933; Official Ship Newspaper, "The Hoosier", dated 8 September 1934; 8 "Presidential Cruise" ship printed "Daily News" newspapers dated Nov - Dec 1936; 32 war dated, 1942 & 1943 ship printed "The Deep Sea Daily" newspapers; and 1 postcard dated Dec 21, 1941 sent from a sailor on the Indy while at Pearl Harbor.


I wasn't quite sure where to start this discussion since all of these items did not belong to one veteran, so maybe an administrator can move it if necessary.


I hope everyone enjoy these items!!


Several Photos to follow.



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Individual Cover #5. This one is sadly prophetic.


Geez that's pretty eerie thanks for sharing this group with us

Prince george fire rescue
Always looking to buy

Canadian special service medals German WW2 wound badges and wound medals/badges from every other nation


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