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MKII Grenade - Strange paint job

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Hi. This is my first post.


I picked this grenade up just a few weeks ago. When I purchased it, it was covered with dirt and grease. You couldn't see much of the paint but I figure it must be grey. After a through scrubbing what emerged was a bright white paintjob with a yellow band painted around the center of the grenade. My initial reaction was that someone was just goofing off with a can of paint. However I'm not so sure now. The paint looks old and what little sections I've scrapped on I can't find any previous color painted underneath it. I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert on WWII ordinance so I was hopping maybe someone out there may have a better idea of why this grenade was painted like this than I do. Let me know what you think.


P.S. this is my first post. Any helpful hints on how to make posts better would be appreciated.>>>>> Levi Brown



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Well, this is going to sound odd but I think it's an Israeli practice grenade. I have one just like it in the collection and it came with several cast zinc M26 style throwing dummies, all from a container of weapons parts and militaria from Israel.


Mine is missing the spoon but has a WWII style fuze body cast from aluminum. The fuze has numbers cast in on both sides and internal brass parts, all unlike U.S. produced fuzes of that type. The grenade body LOOKS very american in general shape but has the same small area that looks like a slotted screw head. I'm pretty sure all of it is foreign made, though probably not in Israel.

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The fuse hole is threaded and it's not cast out of zinc. Maybe "Ordnance"s post is the way to figure this out. Does anyone know what the symbol stamped on the grenade means? As seen in the pictures it kind of looks like a circle with a slot and an "A" stamped below it. I did some research on Israeli grenades and markings but found no reference to this particular one. Does anyone know what this stamping means, or does anyone know of a good guide from grenade markings?


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