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BAR men using the Medical "Yoke" harness in lieu of M1936 Suspenders


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Last one i've found so far, not a BAR Man but still a yoke being used by a non medic.From the First US Army memorial Army published by Heimdal 1st LT W Shreve of the 79th ID preparing for a night patrol on the 18th of July in the Lessay sector.



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Johan Willaert

Close up of the BAR Gunner.


attachicon.gif79th ID 2.JPG


It's not a medic harness but rather a cut down M1928 Doughboy pack...


This is an oddity that is sometimes encountered on WW2 pictures...


I guess next events we will see a lot of these... ^_^

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Of course I can see it now, saw the d ring style attachment and immediately thought yoke didn't think for a minute it could be a cut down doughboy. Thanks Johan. Just the one ETO picture then :)



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how about a clear photo of just the harness?


These are taken from the Medical Catalog. None are exactly perfect for this discussion but the group together will give a pretty good idea what you are looking for.






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