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Desert Storm Iraqi Grouping,


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this is a large grouping of items brought back during desert storm. i messed up pretty bad on this as the vet was the one selling this grouping and i never even got his name :(. he was selling with a another man and one of them was a marine and the other was army (i assume as there were army uniforms in one spot and marine in the other) i would also say that the vet was a marine as the marine uniforms were of the right era and the army stuff was all OIF. he told me he got most of this stuff out of a Kuwaiti bunker. i had my 5 year old sun with me and he made having a conversation very hard. i was there to drop some sold items off and get out, so i was short on cash. i bought this stuff with what i had and dropped off the sold items, but by the time i hit the ATM and went back the vet was gone. i would have loved to have gotten all the marine uniforms and the vets info but all i got was the Iraqi stuff. you cant win them all but still this was a pretty good find! a friend of mine has another radio and a Iraqi dog tag that i may be able get off him and put back with the group (he bought them before i got there)


Iraqi field gear



i found a bunch of ripped up surrender leaflets in the pouches on this chest rig.


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a radio and a bunch of field phones and parts, a lot of this stuff is British made.





a Iraqi book, some of our surrender leaflets and some of there propaganda leaflets, also a shaving kit



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