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USS Phoenix- 9 Battle Stars for What? Campaign Specifics Help needed!


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Conducting research for a Marine who was on the USS Phoenix CL-46 from 1940 to Jan 1943.


Although I can find 100 websites that state that she was awarded 9 campaign stars during the war, I can't seem to find any info on what specific battles it each star represented.


Anybody have a link to a website or book that might have that info would be very helpful for my research.


Thank You!


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Phoenix (CL 46):


1. P1: Pearl Harbor--Midway

2. P17: Eastern New Guinea operation
P17-6 Supporting and consolidating operations designated by Commander Seventh Fleet

3. P22: Bismarck Archipelago operation
P22-5 Cape Gloucester, New Britain
P22-12 Admiralty Island landings

4. P28: Western New Guinea operations
P28-3 Toem-Wakde-Sarmi area operation
P28-4 Biak Island operation
P28-5 Noemfoor Island operation
P28-6 Cape Sansapor operation
P28-8 Morotai Landings

5. P31: Leyte operation
P31-1 Leyte landings

6. P32: Luzon operation
P32-1 Mindoro landings
P32-2 Lingayen Gulf landing

7. P37: Borneo operations
P37-1 Tarakan Island operation
P37-2 Brunei Bay operation
P37-3 Balikpapan operation

8. P40: Hollandia operation (Aitape Humbolt Bay-Tanahmerah Bay)

9. P41: Manila Bay-Bicol operations
P41-5 El Fraile (Fort Drum), Manila Bay


However, the only battlestar of the above 9 earned before Jan 1943 is P1 for Pearl Harbor-Midway. The next one isn't until Dec 1943, P22-5.


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I just read a memoir of a 41st Division man that mentioned the Phoenix, and it seems like she was a good friend to the 41st judging by this list.

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Now that's what I'm talking about!!!


Thank you, I believe this marine might have some more battle stars from his service on the ship.


Cool to know the 41st was near the ship.



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Yeah, I got mine on ebay. It is "With the 41st Division in the Southwest Pacific: A Foot Soldier's Story" by Francis B. Catanzaro. It appears it is also available on google books, too.

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Opps didn't read the last line, so one battle star for Dec 7th and one for Iwo.


Thanks for all your help!


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