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WWII Fixed Bale w/o heat stamp

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I just picked up a Schlueter fixed bail with no heat stamp. Depending on the condition of the shell it could have just been worn away as well, which I think is the case with my new pick up. No big deal to me.

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If its a front seam then its for sure the legit WW2 shell. There were manufature errors were a heat lot stamp was not applied. It most likely was worn down though like jkash23686 said.

Always looking for WW2 USMC militaria and WW2 Corpsman militaria. If you have any you don't want or want to sell let me know, I might be interested.


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Sometimes manufactors were in a hurry to get shells to the troops so they disregarded it and didn't apply a heat stamp.

Note: Purchasing any WWII Axis "SOUVENIRS" brought back by U.S soldiers during the Second World War! Please contact me if you currently withhold such items and are interested in parting with them, I can be contacted via Email at daniel_1975@iCloud.com ?

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