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XM28 Lightweight Protective Mask

New Romantic

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New Romantic

I just acquired this XM28E4 Lightweight Protective Mask which was used by US troops in Vietnam, especially 1969 and later. This mask is dated 6-69 on the original package. Various parts of the mask such as face piece and exhale valve cover are also dated 69.


The mask came in the sealed package and I opened it up- what's the point of keeping the mask sealed in the bag if I can't display it!


Note how the mask carrier specifies that the mask is to be used for riot control agents only, ie-CS.


Now here's my question-What's the proper way to fold the mask so it fits in the carrier? At first I tried to put in the mask, face piece in, opening out but that doesn't work. Then I noticed that the mask is supposed to be put in opening first with face piece facing out. Still I can't get it to fit. That was with folding all the straps into the mask along with part of the face seal.


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The mask goes in face up. It is a VERY tight fit so be careful that you do not damage the mask. It was stored in the plastic sealed bag to protect the filter. Once opened the filter had just a few hours of life. You will see many pics of these on troops and police trying to control stateside riots during the VN war.



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