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Branson MO Veterans Museum being auctioned off


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The contents are being auctioned on 21 August:






Here's their list of auction items...obviously they don't know how to use spell check:





What a shame.



Mark sends


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Been there and they have some kickass weapons, uniforms, ephemera, pictures, statues, and equipment. That bronze statue of a life-sized platoon marching is awesome. That piece must have cost $500K by itself. That is a real shame to see that go. Danny

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I heard it was closing but was hoping it wasnt true. There are only a 2 or 3 good museums in the Branson area(springfield, ozark) and this was one of them.

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Branson must be the graveyard of museums. The great Roy Rogers museum moved from California to Branson and then was shut down and liquidated. How's history supposed to compete with Yakov Smirnoff?

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Been there and they have some kickass weapons, uniforms, ephemera, pictures, statues, and equipment. That bronze statue of a life-sized platoon marching is awesome. That piece must have cost $500K by itself.

"The world’s largest war memorial bronze sculpture (over 70 feet long, weighing 15-tons) is the hallmark of the museum and features 50 life-size statues storming a beach. The life-size figures were modeled after a combat soldier from each of the 50 states. The statue is surrounded by the names of those killed in action during WWII."



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Is there a on line catalog with photos??


Looks like several helmets with unit insignias.Wonder how many are real verses display copies.

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Is there a on line catalog with photos??


Looks like several helmets with unit insignias.Wonder how many are real verses display copies.


Having been there, I didn't see anything at the time that was repop or copies. But, that was early in my collecting career, I could have been wrong. This truly was a magnificent museum and it is a shame that it is gone. Wish I didn't have mob training, or I would go just to watch.

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Is there a on line catalog with photos??


Looks like several helmets with unit insignias.Wonder how many are real verses display copies.

My original post - the 2nd link is to the sales catalog...looking at some of the stuff, I'm sure there's some fakes in there, especially with the Holocaust material....still some good artifacts in the lot....


Mark sends

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Looks like the money is in the weapons and the foreign stuff. There's some nice US stuff, but nothing really "high end", at least from the photos. It would be fun to watch...I bet people really overpay for some of the modern stuff.


I wonder if they tried to offer anything back to the consignors?



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It looks like this museum got started because a sculptor couldn't find an museum to take the big sculpture of the soldiers.


This if from the museum's website, from November 2000


Branson, MO - The dreams and vision of a rural Nebraska man were realized this week with the grand opening of the Veterans Memorial Museum in the town of Branson, Missouri. The Veterans Task Force is calling this one of the "greatest tributes ever completed for the Veterans of the Twentieth Century." The hallmark of the museum is the world's largest war memorial sculpture created by internationally known sculptor, Fred Hoppe.

Fred Hoppe (Hop'-ee) of Malcolm, Nebraska used five tons of clay to sculpt one of the world's largest sculptures, a 70-foot long, 15 ton bronze sculpture, consisting of 50 life-size soldiers storming a beach. Each figure is modeled after an actual combat veteran, one from each of the fifty states. Hoppe donated the sculpture (valued at 3 million dollars) to the Museum.

Hoppe literally took things into his own hands after being turned down by over 36 foundations when trying to get funds to honor the country's veterans. Besides designing the Veterans Memorial Museum and participating in its construction, he cut up 70 tons of logs in a homemade sawmill in his backyard to cut costs on the siding and lumber used in the museum's 18,000 square foot building. He also collected and wrote the scripts for over 2000 rare military artifacts he donated to the Museum.

The main hall of the museum has over 150 feet of walls covered with the names of over 400,000 men and women killed in action during World War II. This is the only place in the world where a complete list of these names has ever been displayed. The other five halls in the museum honor veterans from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf and other conflicts, and includes a list of all those killed in the line of duty in all other engagements of the 20th Century (except for WWI).

Museum experts claimed the sculpture, building, and exhibits would require a minimum of five to six years to complete. With World War II veterans and Korean veterans dying off at a rate of over 1,000 per day, Hoppe lived up to his pledge to complete the project in just ten months. Discouraged by the lack of memorials to honor the veterans of this country, Hoppe mortgaged his home and personal property to raise additional funds for the project.

Hoppe was inspired by the stories and sacrifices he heard about from his father (Fred Sr.) and the men that fought alongside his father during World War II. Hoppe said, "My father was so crippled up from being wounded four times, that he couldn't even play catch with me when I was a kid." Hoppe didn't learn that his father was one of the countries most decorated combat veterans until shortly before his father's death in 1994. When Hoppe asked his father why he had never told the family that he was a hero, his father replied, "I'm no hero, the real heroes never came home."

The Veterans Memorial Museum is located at 1250 West 76 Country Music Boulevard in Branson, Missouri. A full-size WWII P-51 Mustang Fighter Plane landmarks this national tribute to our veterans. Hoppe adds, "I wanted to honor these men and women who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today. I just want the American public to be as proud of our veterans as I am."


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Wondering why it's closing? This may provide some clues: (from http://bransontrilakesnews.com/news_free/article_9a0d18da-3bdd-11e1-aa0e-001871e3ce6c.html



State begins probe

Posted: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 4:50 pm

By Tyler Francke

The Missouri attorney general’s office is investigating Veterans Memorial Museum founder Fred Hoppe, after former investors in the Branson venture alleged wrongdoing.

“All we can say at this time is that we are looking into it,” said Nanci Gonder, spokeswoman for AG Chris Koster.

Some of Hoppe’s past associates, who were also interviewed by the Branson Tri-Lakes News, accuse him of — among other things — a multi-state Ponzi scheme that began with the Branson museum.

Sandy Stevens, of Indianapolis, was one of the original investors in the Veterans Memorial Museum, which opened in 2000.

Stevens sued Hoppe, a resident of Nebraska, four years later, when he failed to repay the $200,000 she contributed toward the museum in 1999. Stevens said she eventually reached a settlement with Hoppe, and her original investment, along with interest and attorney fees, was repaid.

“Mr. Hoppe owes me nothing,” she said. “But I had to sue him to get my money back. Others have not been so lucky.”

Stevens said she has been in contact with other investors over the years who allegedly have not been repaid the thousands they are owed by Hoppe.

“Two of the other original investors have not been able to recover any of their investments, mostly because they trusted Mr. Hoppe,” Stevens said. “They did not have the proper contracts in place. They are out hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The Branson museum is not Hoppe’s only major venture, although it was his first.

According to the man’s former associates, he has headed museum projects in four other states and Canada — most of them patriotic or dinosaur-themed. He also founded the Branson Dinosaur Museum, which opened in 2006.

“He was getting investors for his new projects so he could pay people like us just enough to keep us happy,” Stevens said.

“He kept opening new museums, getting new investors so he could pay off the previous ones. That is the definition of a Ponzi scheme.”

Veterans Memorial Museum and Hoppe’s two ventures in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., were at the center of a lawsuit by the Nebraska-based Cornerstone Bank last year.

The case was never concluded, but the bank has assumed operations at the Branson museum and — reportedly — the two exhibits in Tennessee, as well.

It is not only investors who claim they have had difficulty collecting payment from Hoppe. Brian Page, owner of a sculpting studio in Illinois, said he did work for four of Hoppe’s projects — including the Branson Dinosaur Museum — and never received full compensation.

“We set several of his exhibits up all around the country,” Page said. “I guess we’re a bunch of suckers.”

Page said his company filed a lawsuit for the approximately $200,000 he was owed. However, he said Hoppe filed a counter-claim and the jury tossed the entire case during the trial.

“I think the whole thing was too complicated for the jury,” Page said.

Page said he never got back any of the sculptures he had done for Hoppe’s museums, though the contracts didn’t say he could keep the work.

“He just held onto them,” Page said. “He said he couldn’t pay, and he couldn’t give them back.”

Page, like Stevens, accused Hoppe of intentionally orchestrating a scam.

Stevens said she and many of the other investors in the Veterans Memorial Museum either have served in the military or come from families of veterans.

“My father was a veteran of World War II,” Stevens said. “I was taken in because I believed Mr. Hoppe, first and foremost, wanted to honor veterans.”

Though she settled her debts with Hoppe in 2006, she said she wants to make her experience public as a warning to others.

“I want the word getting out,” she said.

No criminal charges have been filed against Hoppe in either Missouri or Nebraska.

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The museum ended up being owned by a bank, no doubt because of bad loans. Here's an excerpt from a TV new story at http://www.kspr.com/news/kspr-bransons-veterens-memorial-museum-closing-selling-at-auction-20130717,0,7746503.story


"The museum has been in Branson for 13-years. A Nebraska based bank took ownership two years ago.

The bank has tried to find a buyer for the museum but hasn't been successful.

Branson residents hope someone will buy the museum and reopen it. Bank officials say they do too.

If they don’t, they could be forced sell the collection piece by piece and shut down the museum."

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I looked at the list and something is F----D up. I only counted about 6 weapons listed. We went there in 2011 and I saw at least 100 weapons including, '03s, M-1s, Carbines, '03A4 Sniper Rifles, M-14s, M-16s, BARs, .50 Cal MGs, .30 Cal MGs, .45 revolvers, .38revolvers, .45 ACPs, Japanese rifles and pistols, German Rifles and pistols, North Korean Rifles, pistols, and Burp guns, NVA rifles, pistols, RPDs, a .51 MG, swords, knives, etc. Somebody cleaned that place out big time.

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I looked at the list and something is F----D up. I only counted about 6 weapons listed. We went there in 2011 and I saw at least 100 weapons including, '03s, M-1s, Carbines, '03A4 Sniper Rifles, M-14s, M-16s, BARs, .50 Cal MGs, .30 Cal MGs, .45 revolvers, .38revolvers, .45 ACPs, Japanese rifles and pistols, German Rifles and pistols, North Korean Rifles, pistols, and Burp guns, NVA rifles, pistols, RPDs, a .51 MG, swords, knives, etc. Somebody cleaned that place out big time.


If you look at the photos, the weapons are still there. They may not have put them on the itemized list due to legal considerations (e.g. they might not have the proper licenses to sell them or some other odd reason...)

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Here's the newest scoop.....





The owner of the Branson Veterans Memorial Museum is hoping to reopen after Cornerstone Bank auctions its part of the collection.

“I’ve had quite a few elderly collectors call me and they want to put their stuff in there on loan,” said museum owner Fred Hoppe. “The collections are immaculate. I would like to keep it open after this auction. We think it’s very good for Branson.”

Nebraska-based Cornerstone Bank took ownership over approximately 40 percent of the museum collection about 2-1/2 years ago and has been renting the museum from Hoppe, who still owns the building.

Hoppe said during the economic downturn, the museum experienced financial difficulty.

He said several banks backing the museum were shut down by the federal government, tourism slowed in Branson and one of his business partners went bankrupt.

“(After) the combination of all that, Cornerstone Bank approached me about taking ownership of (the collection) for payment of the loan,” Hoppe said. “I thought it was a great idea until they wanted to sell.”

The bank has been searching for a buyer for some time. The listing was recently withdrawn after 1-1/2 years from The Kingsley Group in Springfield and the collection is now set for auction in August.

Cornerstone Bank spokesperson Zac Holoch previously told the Branson Tri-Lakes News the bank was hoping to find a buyer for the whole collection so the museum could stay in Branson and remain open.

“It’s a nice museum,” Holoch said. “We feel like it’s important for the city of Branson to have a military museum like this.”

Hoppe was faced with a second financial obstacle when the Missouri Department of Revenue filed a lien against the property, claiming the museum slightly less than $17,500 in unpaid taxes and interest. Hoppe said he has settled that bill.

“Surprisingly, we got assessed with a use tax,” Hoppe said. “The state came in and said, ‘Anything you brought into the state, we want 7 percent for the use tax.’ I thought it was my responsibility to take care of that. When I turned (the collection) over to the bank, we didn’t know about the use tax and I thought that was the right thing to do. I took care of that.

“Right now, I just want to look forward and see if we can keep (the museum) open. As soon as people heard that stuff was being sold, I told them the story and they said, “Well, I have some stuff if you want to look at it. There has been a lot of people.”

Hoppe said several calls have come from elderly collectors who have acquired extensive collections over the years.

Hoppe said he originally moved his collection to the Branson area because he felt the World War II museum in Washington, D.C., would not be completed fast enough for veterans to enjoy before passing away.

“We were correct,” he said. “By the time it was up in Washington, D.C., we had lost millions of veterans, but we’ve had a lot of them come to Branson and enjoy the museum here. It’s pretty moving for me to go in there and see a veteran find a name and he’ll just start crying.”

Hoppe said the museum is the only place in world that lists all of the names of the soldiers killed in WW II and the Korean War.

The museum’s last day of business will be Aug. 14 and the auction is scheduled for Aug. 21.

Cornerstone Bank’s $20 million collection is set to be auctioned by Heritage Global Partners, of San Francisco, Calif.

The open preview is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aug. 19-20 at the museum on 76 Country Boulevard, said Heritage Global Partners spokesperson David Barkhoff.

The auction is set to start at 10 a.m. Aug. 21 at the Branson Convention Center.

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So...if I understand it correctly....the bank owns a percentage of the contents, and is auctioning those off.


The building is still privately owned, as is the remainder of the collection.


I must say...I met Fred at a show last year.......he seems like a stand-up guy to me. I hope it all gets worked out and back on track.

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So...if I understand it correctly....the bank owns a percentage of the contents, and is auctioning those off.


The building is still privately owned, as is the remainder of the collection.


I must say...I met Fred at a show last year.......he seems like a stand-up guy to me. I hope it all gets worked out and back on track.


If you read the 2012 stories, there were a bunch of investors who felt they got burned in a bunch of other museum projects with this same guy and if you know banks, you know they didn't take ownership of the collection without there being some heavy-duty incentive to so so. One news story said he owed them something like $9 million. If he'd just opened this one museum and worked it perhaps it might have not gotten into hot water, but it appears he decided to become the MacDonalds of military and dinosaur museums and tried to open a bunch of them in other locations.


Hard to imagine this one will rise from the ashes and hopefully no one will give any more him artifacts until and if he proves to be a responsible steward of them.

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“(After) the combination of all that, Cornerstone Bank approached me about taking ownership of (the collection) for payment of the loan,” Hoppe said. “I thought it was a great idea until they wanted to sell.”


Now that's one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. "I thought it was a great idea..." to have the bank take ownership of the collection.


That's like saying people think it's a "great idea" when the bank comes to take possession of their house and/or car and they can't live in it or use it anymore. I'm sure those people are always saying: "Wow, that's such a great idea that the bank could take back my property so I don't have to worry about it anymore!"


Ha......NOT the case......

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I've been there about 100 times and I'm hoping to go back before they close, they close the museum on August 14th. Hopefully somebody buys the museum and keeps it running!



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"The world’s largest war memorial bronze sculpture (over 70 feet long, weighing 15-tons) is the hallmark of the museum and features 50 life-size statues storming a beach. The life-size figures were modeled after a combat soldier from each of the 50 states. The statue is surrounded by the names of those killed in action during WWII."





It costs at least $35.000 to cast a full size bronze statue.

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Obviously this museum was not a 501-C-3 federally recognized organization and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Missouri. If it was Missouri would not be able to file a tax use lean on the collection.

From what I understand reading Mr. Hudson's links (good work) Mr. Hoppe did not go through the legal process of establishing a nonprofit organization which makes me wonder about donations of artifacts and how many of the donated items that have been given are still there ? From what I have read Mr. Hoppe appears to be a charlatan.

This is the very reason that you should not donate or loan any items to an organization that is not a 501-C-3 tax exempt organization. The process for doing the legal footwork to create a legal museum is not that difficult. Without a written agreement as to the procedure and the use of the donation AND whether the donation can be deacquisitioned (sold and or disposed of) later your wishes may be not followed and you have been conned.

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I was wondering if possibly someone could write the list here on the forum(in this topic of course). I cant seem to get the link to the list to work, it wont let me access it for some reason.


Thank you.

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I was wondering if possibly someone could write the list here on the forum(in this topic of course). I cant seem to get the link to the list to work, it wont let me access it for some reason.


Thank you.


Here is the list from the HGP Auction website (I apologize for the length, but they do have many items):




Simpsonès Harbor Painting by Mike Hagel, Framed print, West wall D-D ay by James Dietz, Print, East Wall

Room 1

Battleship Missouri, 7 ft Scale Model (r1, Center)

WWII Mine Sweeeper Complete with Case, Headphones, Etc. Model WWII-era Aircraft Bombs

Fiberglass Models • 100 Pound Bomb

• 250 Pound Bombs • 500 Pound Bombs

“Americans Always ight for Liberty” Framed Print, (r1, North Wall)

“Sub Spotted–Let ‘em have it!” Framed print, (r1, North Wall) 6 Foot Church Pew Bench (r1, North Wall) “Buy War Bonds” Framed Print, (r1, West Wall) WWI Soldier Framed Oval Photograph, (r1, West Wall)

(East Wall)


“president Wilson and Gen. Pershing Reviewing The Troops” Framed Print, (WWI, East Wall)

Framed 3 WWI Recruiting Posters WWI Army Nurse Uniform (WWI, Case 2, East Wall) “Join the Air Service Learn-Earn” Framed Poster (WWI, East Wall)

WWI, Case 4, East Wall

Top Shelf: Framed Co. , 128th Inf. Photo • Trench Art

Elaborately Formed and Engraved Shell Casings 1 Ash Tray From Shell Casing 2 Lamps

Top Shelf

• German Sniper’s “Hate Belt” with 36 Buttons/Kills • German Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle • Medal Commemorating the Bith of Kaiser Wilhelm. I • US Web Gear with Canteen, Medic’s Pouch, 1911 Magaxine Pouch • Cpatured WWI German Binocular and Case • German Gas Mask • “Blue Max” Medal • German Aviator Leather Helmet

Middle Shelf

• US WWI Bar Belt • Framed Photo of WWI US Sailor • Box (20) 30 Cal Ball Cartridges “for Aircraft Use” • US Hatchet Head Cover • US .45 Magazine ouch • T-handle WWI Entrenching Tool • WWI arade Helmet • Aviator Googles • Franed unit Photo • French Binoculars • WWI Military Police Armband • Doughboy Doll • US Helmet with Hand-Painted Third Army A” Inside a Circle Insignia Occupation-era Helmet • Doughboy Silhouette (boy) • Holster

Bottom Shelf • British Enfield Bayonet with Frog • British Enfield Bayonet with Frog • Cruciform French Bayonet • Conventional French Bayonet • German M98 “Butcher Blade” Bayonet • Germsn M98 “Butcher Blade” Bayonet with sawback • German Bayonet, Type Unidentified • German Ersatz M19616 Bayonet • Turkish Ersatz Bayonet • Italian 1871/8/1916 Bayonet

“lend the way they fight” Framed Poster (WWI, East Wall)

WWI, Case 5, East Wall

• Two Barbed Wire Holders • German Officer Uniform • Complete Field Grey Uniform with Helmet, Boots, Medals, Belt, Holster

“Let’s go US Marines” Framed Poster, (WWI, East wall)

WWI, Case 6, East Wall

• US Army Field Wool UNiform, PRivate • M1912 FeedbaG • Collapsible Canvas Bucket • Uniform of John Dubois, USMC, Dress Blue, shoes

“First in the fight/always faithful/be a US Marine” Framed Poster

WWI, Case 7, East Wall

Grouping of Benjamin Boyd • Photo

• Field Wool Uniform, Complete with Boots, Hat, Medals • Wristwatch • Field mirror

• Bible given by and inscribed by Boyd’s Sister • Soldier’s French Phrase Book • Framed Soldier’s Recird

“Beat back the hun” Framed poster, (WWI, East Wall)

WWI, Case 1, Wall Case

US Cavalry Uniform with riding pants, boots, belts, Cavalry 1911 Holster (with Leg tie-downs), Hat, 45

South Wall

WWI Germaqn Cavalry Lance (WWI, south Wall)

Framed Poster Presented to “Charles Jennenjahn, PVT” (WWI, South Wall)

West Wall

62,000 faces; 1 for every American Killed in WWI (WWI, West Wall)

WWI, Case 1, West Wall

Magazine pouch

• US Navy officer’s Blue Uniform • Duffle Bag • Uniform Blues of a Sailor from the USS Neptune, with hat and life Jacket, Shoes

Battle of Cantigny by James Dietz, Framed print (WWI, West Wall)

WWI, Case 2, West Wall

Extensive Grouping of Lt. Sam Huttenbauer • Named Trunk

• Letter Holder • Powder Tin • Leg Wraps • Mess Tin

• Photo • Toiletries • Parafe Gloves • Books, Bottles, Etc. • Captured German Fireman’s Helmet • Wool Uniform with hat, Boots

WWI, North Wall

US signal Corps flags, Poles, and case

WWI US Stretcher Belonging to “CO G. 64 INF” (WWI, North Wall) Framed Photograph of Frank and ierre Benoit During WWI (WWI, North Wall)

WWI Center Case 1

• US 1917 Machine Gun

• Ammo Box • Water Can • Water Hose • Belted Cartridges (2 belts) • Carrying Case

•Tripod • Spare Parts Case • Campaign Hat (infantry)

WWI Center Case 2

• Mess Tin • Knife and Fork • MP Armband • Meat and Bacon Tin • 3 Pocket half-moon Clip Pouch • Canteen • 45 Auto Magazine Pouch • 37 mm Shel • Shell Dated 1916 • Cootie Comb • 40 mm Shell • Dop kit issued to Sgt. Varley • Sandals of R.F. Scholtz •Trench Whistle • First Aid Pouch • Bandage pouch • 1911 Holster • Money Belt • Medicès Belt with pouch • Hand-Painted Helmet of Jim C. Sknox, 80th Div. • 27th Div Medicès Helmet with Hand- Painted Green Coss • Leg Wraps • US Helmet with Hand painted Indian and Star Insignia • Gasmask Bag • Sewing Kit • Ammo Belt

WWI, Center Case 3

• 4 all Brass WWI 12 Gauge Shotshells • Trench Knife with Sheath • Rifle cleaning rod and case • USMC Shoe Sole Cutter

• Mess Kit with Knife, Fork, Spoon • Flare Pisto • Training rifle with Rotating Bolt • Remington MKIII Flare Pistol and Puch • Hand Grenade

• Motherès Flag • Gas rattle • History and Rhymes of the lost Battalion Book • KIA Personal Affects Bag • Taining Rifle • Training Rifle (weathered) • Grenade Pouch • Bolo Knife with Sheath • Bolo Knife with Sheath 2 • USMC Bolo Knife with Sheath • Training Knife • Wire Grappling Hook • German Binoculars

Cavalry Horse Display

• WW1-era arness Maker’s Dummy orse • Saddle • Saddle Blanket • Saddle Bags

• Bedroll • Rifel Scabbard • Canteen and cavalry Pouch • Bridle • Lead Rope

West Wall

“Pearl Harbor” by James Dietz, Print (WWII/I)

“General Douglas MacArthur” Framed Photo (WWII/I) “The girl he left Behind” Framed Poster (WWII/I) “Doing our Part” Framed Photo (WWII/I) WWWII/I South Wall

Grouping of USAAF ilot Murray Pratt Complete 1930s Uniform

• Wings, Ribbons, Insignia • Hat • Sam Brown Belts • Boots

• Murrary Pratt business card


(the first little WWII room)

“ Best on Deck” by James Dietz, Framed print (WWII/I, North Wall)

WWII/I, Case 1, North Wall)

Top Shelf • Chemical Warfare Protective Cover • US Gas mask Bag • US Shoe Shine Kit • US Medic’s Pouch Dated 1945 • V-mail Letter Bag • Liberty Bond Box • Household Ration Book of E.J. Bouska of Wilbur, NE • Coffee, “spare” Ration Stamps

Middle Shelf • “fall in” Booklet

• US Army Driver’s Manueal • US Motorcycle Technical Manual • “The Army and You” Booklet • US Wire Cutter • WWII Canned Peanuts • WWII K-Ration Breakfast • WWII Wrist Compass • Meal, Combat, Individual, Turkey Loaf (ugh) • Toilet Paper • Box of Water Resistant Matches • US Navy Toothbrush • WWII Field Stove • Button Bag • WWII US Civilian Issue Adult Gas Mask • WWII US Civilian Issue Child Gas Mask

Bottom Shelf • White Civil Defense Helmet • Early WWII US Helmet with Netting • US Navy Floatation Belt • USMC Lt. “Smokey Bear” hat • WWII US Field Telephone • US Campaign Hat • 3 Pocket Grenade Pouch • 2 Pocket Grenade Pouch • Scarf • Mosquito Head Net

WWII/I, Case 1, East Wall

USAAF Captain Uniform, 9th Air Force • Complete with Shoes, Wings, Ribbons, Patches, Insignia

USAAF Pilot’s Uniform, 9th Air Force • Complete with Pinks, wings, insignia, rinnons, patches, shoes,

USMC Enlisted aviator Uniform, Dress Blues

WWII/I, Case 4, East Wall

Trench Art

Top Shelf • Pencil Holder(?)

• Bracelet • Shotglasses 3 • Belt Buckle • Ashtray with .50 cal Bullet • Key Ring • Compact • Ashtray, “20mm Shot World War II 1945” • Spitfire Piston Cover Ashtray • Ashtray with Plane

Bottom Shelf • 2 Shells on a Board • Bomb with 50 cal, “English 1944” • Lighter • Ashtray • Pair of Candleholders • 3 Candle Candelabra • Matched Pair Mortar Lamps • Matched Pair Vases • Lamp with Grey Shade • 3 Bulb Lamp • Lamp • Lamp 2

“I want you for the US Army” Framed Poster (WII/I, Wast Wall)

WWII South Wall

4 Foot Bench (WWII, South Wall)

Framed Sun in N Atlantic Painting by I.Babick (WWII, South wall

WWII, Case North Wall

USMC Tan Frog Camo Uniform • Helmet and Helmet cover • Web Gear • Pack

• Ammo elt • Boots • Shovel • Canteen

• Frog Cammo Shelter Half (?) • First Aid Pouch

WWII Main Case

“Billy O’Hare Medal of Honor Flight” Framed print of mike Hagel painting (WWII)

WWII, South Wall

Original Painting “Red Tail Strike Again” Framed by mike Hagel (WWII, South Wall)

WWII, Case 1, East Wall

Grouping of WASP Florence Miller

• Framed Collection: Patches, Wings, Photos, Articles

“The Battle of Midway” Pint of James Dietz Painting (WWII, East Wall) Top Shelp

Chaplain Ferguson’s Gear • Rosaries

• Candles • Crosses • Collar Insignia • Chaplin’s Airbourne Jump Wings • Plate for the host • Storage box • Statuette

Bottom Shelf • Photo Portrait

• Chaplain’s Helmet • Bottle • Prayer Cards • Hymnal

• Bibles • Candelabra • Mini-lectern • Airbourne PAtch 101st Div. • Crucifix • Chaplain’s Banner (WWII, East Wall) • Folding Chaplain’s Field Organ (WWII, Center Case)

“Air Battle Over Germany” print of Painting by James Dietz (WWII, East Wall)

WWII, Case 6, East Wall

USN Patrol Torpedo Boat Uniform US Merchant Marine Uniform with Hat

WWII, Case 7, East Wall

Top Shelf, Right to Left • US Helmet

• US Helmet with netting • US Helmet with Painted Insignia • Handpainted Captain’s Helmet with 45th Inf. Div. Thunderbird • US Helmet with Painted Insignia

Middle Shelf, Right to Left • US Helmet, Orange Diamond with “2” painted on back • Handpainted sgt. Helmet, Camo • Handpainted 1st Inf. Div. Helmet • Handpainted MP Helmet • Handpainted Major’s Helmet for the Red Bull Div. • Handpainted Camo Helmet with Black Cross and “Corp Man • White Helmet liner

Bottom Shelf, Right to Left • Painted MP Helmet • Painted 69th Div Helmet • Painted Helmet with unidentified Device • Helmet • 69th Div Sgt. Helmet • Tanker’s Helmet (?) • Armored Tanker Goggles

“D-Day: 29th Inf. Div” Print of a painting by James Dietz (WWII, East Wall)

WWII, Case 8, East Wall

Wool Field Uniform of W. Granow, 29 Inf Div., WWII Uniform of Major Charles Abrams, Tans

• Airborne Jump Wings • Ribbons, Patches, Insignia • Combat Infantry Badge • Glider Pilot INsignia (?)

“D-Day: 2nd Rangers on Omaha Beach” framed print of a painting by Jim Dietz (WWII, East Wall)

WWII, Case 9, East Wall

Top Shelf, Right to Left • Captured Fritz Helmet, Heavily Embellished by US 36th Inf. Div. Soldier; painted insignia of the Texas

Div and “Rome, Cassino, Salerno, Anzio” Etc. Second Shelf

• Helmet with Polar Bear Insignia Painting Bottom Shelf

• Us Army Boxing Gloves • Framed Grouping of Jack Fix: wings, Medals, Ribbons, Patches, Dog Tags, Newspaper articles • Pack Named to Lt. W Bernhardt 01543580 • Pack Named to Capt. SAmuel A. Stoner 01577910 • Pith Helmet

Framed Grouping of Sgt. J. A. Baker • Photo, Medals, Patch, Combat Inf Badge

The Knoxville Journal: “Victory: War in Europe Ends Today” framed Newspaper Front Page (WWII, East Wall) “It’s over over Here” Framed Front Page of the Stars and Stripes (WWII, East Wall)

Framed US-Japan Instrument of Surrender (WWII, East Wall)

WWII, Case 1, North Wall

Fred Hoppe, 36 Inf. Div. Uniform • Brown Wool Uniform • Shoes • Hat

• Ribbons • Badges • nInsignia • Photos: Portrait, Carrying Supplies in Italy

“saving Lt. McMorrow” Framed print of a painting by Jim Dietz (WWII, North Wall) Franed print nof a deydenfrost painting of diving P-38 Lightnings (WWII, North Wall) Framed Collection of 36 Types of GI Cigarette Pcks: Camel, Pall Mall, Etc. (WWII, East Wall)

WWIIm Case 4, West Wall

Grouping of Ensign George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President, USA) • Bronze Bust by Fred Hoppe • Walnut Pedestal • Photos (4)

WWII, Case 5, West Wall

Pigeon Grouping • Mounted Pigeon on Airborne Vest • Message Capsules (5) • Button: Pigeon Head, “Faithful Service” • Dickin Mdal • Message Form • Message from book • Pigeon Carriet • Mounted Pigeon • Message Capsule Mounted • Retention Strap • Pigeon Service Stationary • “General Information Pigeon Communication” Booklet • “The Homing Pigeon”Technical Manual • “signal Pigeon Company” Field Manual • Collapsible Airborne Pigeon Carrier • Parachute Pack • War Pigeons Certificate

WWII, Case 6, West Wall

Child Uniforms Left to Right • Wool, USAAF, Complete • Hat • Shoes • Ribbons • Wings, Insignia • USN Blues with Hat • USN WAVE • USN Blue with Pea Coat • Toy Soldiers: 9 Tan Doughboys, 4 Marines and Soldiers • Vehicle • Tan Child’s Polished Parade Helmet

Framed “flag Raising on Mt Suribachi” Photo by Rosentyhal (WWII, West Wall)

Pitcher and Cups Commemmorating Fifth Army, 34th Inf. Div. (red Bull), 109th Med Battalion US Medical Corps Cups (2)

“Keep Him Flying/buy War Bonds” Framed Poster (WWII, West Wall)

WWII, Case 10, West Wall

• White Nurse’s Smock and Blue Cape • Blue Nurse’s Smock with Hat and Cloth Bag • Blue Red Cross Uniform with Coat • First Aid Kit • First Aid Kit 9-221-240 • Surgical Soap, Six Cake Box • Cake of Surgical Soap • Surgical Stocking at • WWII-era Candy - Lifesavers - Charms - 12 Kinds of Gum: Dentyne, Wrigley’s, Etc.

WWII, Case 11, West Wall

Exhibit on LT. Col. Charles Lane, 332 Fighter Group, 15th USAAF (Tuskegee Airman) •Uniform

• Ike Jacket • Wings * Ribboons • Photos: Framed Lane, And Lane and His Men • 3 Tuskegee Airmen

• Parachute Bag • Leather Pilot’s Helmet

Framed Print Commemorating Tuskegee Airmen (WWII, West Wall)

WWII, Case 12, West Wall

Grouping of Lt. Alice Branin, US Army • Ike Jacket, Skirt, Shirt, Tie, Bat • White Smock and Hat •Shoes,Skirt, Jacket,Shirt,Tie,Hat • Suitcase “2nd Lt. Alice Branin

• Book • Helmet

Framed b-17 (WWII, West Wall)

WWII, Case 13, West Wall

Tan Uniform of J. Foster, Night fighter Pilot, USMC •Wings, Ribbons, Insignia

Uniform of J. M. Windberg, USMC Aviator WII and Korea • Black Sheep Squadron • dress Blues • Wings

• Ribbons, Insignia American Pilot Rising Sun Kill Sticker “America goes to War” Framed grouping of coins and Samps

WWII, Center Case 6

Medical Equipment/supplies • US field operating table and case • Gas Casualty First Aid Kit • Fracture/ Amputation Instrument Roll • US Army Medical Corps Blanket Dated 1944 • Medical Corps Flag • Camo First Aid Dressing in box • Chemical Heating Pad • Medical Corps Puches (4) • Tourniquet and forceps Pack • “Lightning” Chemical Heat Pack • Medical Corps Drawstrring Pouch • “First Aid Kit Air Force/ Battle Dressing, Universal” • Red Cross Pouch

Table Top •Tourniquet

• Unidentified tool and case • Anesthesia Masks (2) • Stainless Pan • Stethoscope

• Swansdown Absorbent Cotton • Gauze Pads • Surgical Tape • Gauze (three types)

• Surgical Mask/ • Suture Needles • Band-aids

• Plaster of Paris • Surgical instrument tray with various instruments • Aromatic Ammonia • Adhesive Plaster • Brush • Safety Pins • Ammonia Ampules • Tourniquets • First Aid Dressings • Gauze • Pro-Kit Chemical Prophylatic Against VD • Aeronautic First Aid Kit

WWII, Center Case 9

29 Inf. Div. Helmet Used in “Saving Pvt Ryan” • Parachute

• Emergency Survival Signal Lamp/ Radio Transmitter

WWI, Center Case 10

Sout Side • Garand Cleaning Tool • Box, 10 Cartridges, 12 “gage”, No. 8 Shot • Shotgun Ammunition Pouch • SMLE Jungle Carbine • US Bazooka • Boxed Bazooka Face Mask • SMLE Bayonet

West End • US Rifle Gernade Sight and Case • Rifle Grenade Pouch Dated 1945 • Rifle Grenade

North Side • M1 Garand Rifle Grenade Launcher • M1 Garand Grease • M1 Muzzle Cover 1944 • Rifle Cleaning Rod and case • Garand Batonet and Sheath • “US Army for Democracy” Hanging • 34th Inf. Div. Helmet • Box, 20 Cartridges, 30 ball M2

WWII, Center Case 11

• US Slip on rubber butt pad • Spare Parts Roll • WWII Toilet Paper (unused) • Chesterfield Cigarettes

• Painted 8th Cav. Regiment Helmet, “SGT Hurcomb D.F • Compass NAvigational Instruction Card • USN Flare Pistol And Pouch • Flare Pistol

• Chocolate Bar • International Flare Signal Co. Flare Pistol (331) • Carlisle Model First Aid Dressing • K-ration reakfast • Flare Gun • Combination Scorebook, US rifles and BAR

WWII, Center case 12

• Uniform of C. Silvera, US Army GLider Pilot • IKE Jacket, Wings, Ribbons, Insignia, Patches

WWII, Center Case 13

US M60 Mortar and Tripod • M60 Cleaning Rod • M60 Practice Round • M60 Round (inert)

• M60 Mortar Tube Carrying Strap • M60 Night Sight • M60 Sighting Sticks • M60 Mortar Sight Case

WWII, Center Case 14

• US Helmet with Netting • BAR Magazine

• Submachine Gun Magazine Pouch • Compass • Bazooka Round

WWII, Sculpture Hall

Names of ~400,000 Servicemen (and women) KIA in WII

Spoils of War Hall Spoils of War Hall, North Wall

Spoils, Case 2, North Wall • Hair Brush of Eva Braun, Engravedm Floral Pattern and “EB” • Large Silver Serving Tray of Eva Braun, heavily Engraved, Floral Pattern and “EB” • Silver tea service of Eva Braun, engraved “EB”

Spoils of War Hall, East Wall

Framed Grouping of Adolf Doerfier 1918-1944 (spoils, East Wall) • Eastern Front Medal • Wound Badge • Obituary

• Map • Medals, Including Iron Cross • Infantry Assault Badge

Spoils, Case 3, East Wall

SS Uniforms SS 1st Lt Field Green Uniform • Complete: Short Combat Shoes • Belt • Medals, Badges, Shoulder Boards, Patches • Wool Cap with SS Death Head Insignia

SS Major Black Uniform • Complete: Boots

• Belt • Holster • Armband, Patches, Epilates, “Dachau” Cuff Tie • Hat

Spoils, Case 4, East Wall

• Small Nazi Glag

• Nazi Dress Gloves SS Grey Uniform

• Overcoat with Insignia, Patches • Cold Weather Boots • Hat • SS Lapel Button

Framed prints: Submarine War-battle of the Atlantic Art, 3-in-1, artist unknown (spoils, East Wall)

Framed Prints: The War at sea, 3-in-1, artist Unknown (spoils, East Wall)

Spoils, Case 5, East Wall

• Captured Kamikaze Kimono • Captured Japanese Flag • Captured Japanese Helmet • Captured Japanese Leather Helmet (taken off Kamikaze) • Captured Kamikaze Headband • Captured Japanese Flight Suit • Captured Japanese Officer’s Hat • Captured Japanese Mosquito Gloves • Captured Japanese Gas Mask • Captured Japanese Map Case • Captured Japanese Parachute • Captured Japanese Blue Felt Hat

Framed Prints: ubmarine Warfare, By a German Artist Seriving in Submarines, 2-in-1 (spoils, East Wall)

Framed “Japanese Cavalryman” (spoils, East Wall)

Spoils, Case 6, East Wall

• Japanese Mortar Round • Japanese ‘Knee’ Mortar • Japanese Rising Sun Flag • Fur-lined Japanese Winter Coat, Hat, and Gloves • Japanese Mortar ROund • Copy of “Life” with Hirohito on Cover • Japanese Officer Shoulder Boards and Pouch • Japanese General Uniform • Samurai Sword • Boots and Spurs • Cross-shoulder Clamshell Holster • Hat • Ribbons • Collat Tabs

Spoils, Case 7, East Wall

Luftwaffe Cold weather Pilot’s Gear • Bearskin Winter Flight Suit

• Goggles • Fur-Lined Leather Helmet • Wrist Compass • Fur-lined Gloves • Fur-lined Boots • German Pilot Dog Tag

Russian Cold Weather Pilot’s gear • Goggles

• Fur-lined leather helmet • Tunic with wings, Insignia of Rank • Leather Coat • Fur Pants • Dog fur gloves • Dog fur-lined Boots • Map Case

Spoils, Case 8, East Wall • Concentration Camp Prisoner’s Uniform • Zyklon B Canisters (2) • Nazi Whip • Concentration Camp Shoes/Clogs • SS Soap Made in Concentration Camp • “Dachau” Armband for Jews •”Auschwitz” Armband for Jews • Auschwitz Camp Kommandant’s Seal/stamp

Spoils, Center Case 1

German POW Michael Gilbert Grouping • POW Tunic Worn by Michael Gilbert, German POW in the USA • Items Crafted by Gilbert at Camp Blanding, FL • Bowl • Frame • Hanging, expandable Bookshelf

Gilbert’s POW Record Hand-Drawn Map of Camp Blanding Shrapnel Damaged Afrika Korps Luftwaffe Helmet

Spoils, Center case 4

South Side • Samurai Sword

• Japanese Dirk • Japanese Canteen • Japanese Stick of 7.7mm Machine Gun Ammo • Japanese anti-personnel rifle Grenade • Japanese Artillery Shell • Japanese Helmet with netting

East End • Japanese Arisaka Bayonet with leather frog and rubber scabbard plug

North Side • Japanese Grenade

• Japanese Tin Cigar Box • Japanese Cigaretters • Japanese Medicine Flask • Japanese Leg Wraps

• Japanese Hair Trimmet • Japanese Imperial Navy Sword • Japanese ID Card

West End • Box in which ashes of Cremated Japanese Soldiers were sent Home (improvised Container?) • Japanese Dog Tag

Spoils, Center Case 8

Silver Coffee/Tea Service of Herman Goering • Serving Tray

• Coffee Service • Tea Service • Creamer • Sugar Bowl

Korea, Case 1, East Wall

3.5 Inch Bazooka • 3.5 inch Bazooka Manual • 3.5 inch Bazooka Round

US M358 120mm Armor piercing (solid) gun round framed orean War Blood Chits (Korea, East Wall) “Charge the enemy to the last breath” Framed communist Propaganda Poster (Korea, East Wall)

Korea, Case 4, East Wall

Top Shelf • Small Korean Flag

• Medium Korean Flag • Painted 104 (?704?) USM Raider Battalion Helmet • Conical Korean Farmer Hat • Framed Grouping of War Medals of Jimmie C. Vernon • Medals, Ribbons, Dog Tags, Insignia

MarsTask Force Painted Helmet: a WWII item; MTF replaced Merrill’s MArauders

Middle Shelf • “Returned from Hell/Korea” unauthorized “Patch” • UN “Safe pass” • US Helmet • US M1 Carbine Bayonet and Sheath • M1 Grand Bayonet and Sheath

Bottom Shelf • US Helmet

• Camouflage Parachute Section (?) • US Cold Weather Hat • Us Cold Weather Helmet Liner • US 95th Div Helmet

• Mask, Protective, Field, M9A1, Still in the Can “honoring those who served/Korea” framed poster (Korea, East Wall)

Names of `52,000 US Servicemen IA in Korea (korea, South Wall) “United States Army/Freedom is not Free/ 1950 Korea 1953” Framed Poster (Korea, Wouth Wall) “Breakthrough at Chipyong-ni” framed print of a painting, artist unknown (Korean, West Wall)

Korea, Case 3, West Wall

Uniforms of USAF Russell Rich • USAF Blues

• Complete, - shoes • Ribbons, Awards, Insignia • Green Utilities, Tunic, Trousers

Uniform of Donald Gray • USW Army Green Dress • Insgnia, Hat, Shoes

Captured North Korea Flag (korea, West Wall)

Korean War Hall

Korea, Center Case 2

US MODEL 1919 Machine Gun and Tripod • M1919 Machine Gun Tool • Can of Machine Gun Lube Oil • US-30M1 Ammo Box

• M1919 Machine Gun Cover

East Wall

Vietnam Hall

“Our Cause was Just/Vietnam Veteran” Flag (viet, East wall)

mounted print of Shelf-portrait Painting by Jim Nelson (viet, East Wall)

Names of `56,000 Servicemen KIA in Vietnam War (viet, East Wall)

West Wall

“chaplain Tobin Giving communion 1967” print of a painting by Jim Nelson (viet, West Wall)

“Cobra Helicopter Gunshuips” framed printed of a painting by Mike Hagel (viet, WEst wall)

“Suoi Tre” Framed painting by Jim Nelson (viet, West Wall)

“ The Battle of ap Cho” Print of painting by Jim Nelson (Viet, West wall)

Viet, Case 1, West Wall

Top Shelf • USN Aircraft Carrier Deck Helmet, Mask, Goggles

• USN Aircraft Carrier White Deck Helmet and headset

• US Helmet, Giggkesm headsetm exact type unjniwn Next to Top

US Survival gear • Candle

• Compass • Fishing kit • Drinking water storage bag • Special forces fishing kit • Lines • Hooks • Flies • Camouflage Cream • Camouflage Face Paint • Insect Rellant • Wire for snares • Olive drab survival blanket • Hurricane Mtches • Flashlight • Combat wound dressing

USN Aircraft carrier deck helmet of SSgt. Deaner • Goggles

• Headset

next to Bottom • US Army Field Telephone • Eye Ointment for Gas exposure • Iodine for Water Purification • Chapstick • Burn Powder • Field Dressing • Eye Dressing • CPR Directions Card • Personal First Aid Kit • Betadine disinfectant • Wound dressing (olive) • Band-aids • US Issue Sunglasses • US 196th Inf. Brigade Helmet, Major’s Insignia • M-16 Bayonet and Sheth • M-16 Bipod and Case

Bottom Shlef • Jungle First Aid Kit • Burlap Sand Bag • Medic’s universal Battle Dressing Bag • US Field Medical “triage” Card And cardbook • Body Bag • Rod For Hanging Plasma From a Stretcher • Post Mortem unstrument Case • US 75mm Howitzer Shell • Spent Shell Casing From a MIG

“The Sniper” print of a painting by Jim Nelson (Viet, West wall)

Framed Grouping of Thanh Long, Special Operations Group, Phoenix Operation, KIA (Viet, West Wall) • Photos(2)

• Gerber Boot Knife • Dog Tags •”kit Carson” scout patch • MACV SOG ID card

• Phoenix Op Laminated Card

Viet, Case 4, West Wall

Top Shelf • NVA/VC Medals

• NVA/VC Whistle • Miniature Montagnard Crossbow • NVA/AA Gun Site

Middle Shelf • NVA Scarf Made from Camo US Parachute • NVA Belt • NVA Flashlight • NVA/VC Messkit, Chopsticks, Bowls, Cup • NVA Medical Equipment • Syrunge and tun case • Dressings • Scissors • Forceps • Needles • Battle Dressings • Clamps

Bottom Shelf • NVA Battle Axe

• NVA Gas Mask • NVA/VC First Aid Pouch • Canteens • NVA Medic’s First Aid Pouch • NVA Hats

Viet, Case 5, West Wall

VC RAdio • Captured by US from VC, Who Captured it from french

N Vietnamese Wall Hanging, Small NVA Silk Battle Flag, Large, Captured NVA Officer’s Uniform

• Green with pith Helmet, Binoculars and case, Beltm Holsterm Bootsm Shoulder board, NVA Mortar Round

“The Battle of Good Friday” print of a painting by Jim Nelson (Viet, West Wall)

Viet, Case 6, est Wall

• NVA PPSH-43 drum magazine pouch • NVA Mess Kit • VC Radio Accessories Pouch • Homemade VC machete and sheth

• NVA PPSH-43 Stick Magazine pouch • NVA Helmet made in East Germany • NVA Camouflage Ring

Viet, Case 7, West Wall

• NVA Stick Grenade pouch • PG Round • RPG-7 with optical sight • Captured NVA Flag

• Captured Kari MArx wall hanging • NVA Quilted Highlands Vest

Viet Case 1, North Wall

• Captured Hammer and Sickle Flag NVA Tanker Uniform

• Paddle Cloth Helmet • Web Belt • Pistol Belt • Type 54 pistol rig, Magazine pouch • Canvas Booties

Captured Communist Water Can NVA Two Pocket Uniform

• Sun Helmet with netting • Type 54 Pistol rig (belt, Holster, Magazine pouch) • Scarf • Field Bag • Canvas Combat Booties

Viet, Case 2, North Wall

N Vietnamese MIG Pilot • G-suit

• Helmet and Helmet Bag

• Mask and Hose Framed “Aircraft of North Vietnam”

Viet, Case 3, North Wall

Communist Flag North Vietnamese NAvy Uniform

• Sandals, Hat VC Ammo Can with bullet hole, captured Uniform taken from VC KIA

• Black PJs • Boonie Hat • Scarf • Soviet SKS rifle • Ammo Bandolier • Canteen and Carrier • RiceBowel with Carring ring

“captured VC combat photo” framed (viet, North Wall) “Where is neal Bynum?” framed poster (viet, North wall)

Viet, Center Case 1

North side • RPG2 (On Loan)

• RPG 7 • NVA/VC Stick Grenade • NVA Gun Cleaning Kit • NVA Canvas combat Shoes • Conical Hat • NVA T-57 ompass and Case

Southside • Captured VC Sandals • 50mm Mortar Canister • VC Grappling Hook • VC Lighter • VC Pick • VC Shovel • NVA Rifle Oilers (3) • 7.62x 39 Rounds (10) in Clip • 7.62x39 Rounds, box • VC Medic Canteen

East End • RPG Round

Viet, Center Case 2 Tin of 7.62x39 Ammo

Punji Stakes Ho Chi Hihn Trail Bike

• Tin Can Headlight • Steering, Load Distribution, and Stabilization Bamboo Poles • Strips of Tire inner Tube

Viet, Center Case 3

• M-16 Bayonet and sheth • US Law Rocket Tube • US M-16 Rubber Mock up with Bayonet • USMC 1st Recon Battalion Helmet, Decorated Cover

Viet, Center Case 4

Green BDU Slant-pocket Uniform of Sgt. Bond, 82nde Airborn Div • Helmet, Helmet cover, insect repellent • M-16 Bipod and Case • Web gear

• Canteen and Pouch • Carabinet •”Walking Abacus” •Grenades (2)

• Belt of Machinegun Ammo • Ammo Pouches (2) • Boots • M-16 Mock-up

Kuwait int. Airport Sign

Ds, Case 1, West Wall

Captured Iraqi Equipment Uniform, Green, Including:

• Helmet • Gasmask • Web gear • Belt • Boots • Pouches (2) • Canteen and Bowl • Canteen Cover • Iraqi Thermal Imaging Sight • First Aid Kits (3) • Iraqi Handgrenade Can • Satchel • Misc. Packs and Pouches (7 items) • Ammunition Chest Pack

“Casualties of Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm” Framed Names (`275) (DS, North Wall) Casualties of other conflicts framed names (DS, East Wall) “Casualties of Lebanon PEacekeeping” framed names (DS, East Wall)

The Price of Freedom Room

Framed Poem “war” by Amy L. Bogue-Gray (Freedom, south Wall) Funeral Flag

Dessert Shield

Viet, Center Case 5 Top Shelf

• US Cartridge Flare • Cluster Bomb Submunitions • Trip Flare US • Toe Flare US • US CS Gas Grenade • US pineapple Grenade • Grenade Can • USA M26 Grenade

Middle Shelf • Gas Mask and BAg • Concertina wire Spool • Ball Cap • Anti- Personnel CLuster Bomblet

Bottom • Navy Corpsman’s Helmet with net • US Army pick and cover • AN/GSQ-154 (V) Alarm Set/anti-intrusion, Restricted area device • Claymore Mine • Claymore Mine Pouch • Detonation Wire • Firing Device • M60 Machine Gun Ammo Can • M79 Grenades (2) • M79 Grenade Pouch • M79 Grenade Casing

Deser Storm/ other conflicts Hall

DS, Case 1, South Wall “homecoming” print of a painting by Jim Dietz (ds, south wall)

DS, Case 2, South Wall Iraqi Republican Guard Uniform Captured by Jimmie Boy

• Beret • Shirt • Pants • Belts • Boots • Collar Tabs

Sculptures (Bronzes)

Vietnam Sculpture by Fred Hoppe, Walnut Base (3 sculptures) • 1 at main Entrance

• 2 outside the main entrance

11 Figure Bronze (outside) Bronze Sculpture, 50 Life-size Soldiers Storming a beach by Fred Hoppe

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