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Vietnam Flight Helmet / Named

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Picked this up on my way to Vegas yesterday, amazing what this little town in the desert turns up, lots od VN stuff. Can anyone do a quick research for me? I have no idea how to go about it.




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This is an APH-5 pilot's helmet. Issued for Navy and USMC aviation in 1956/57 until Vietnam war. This gold painted version is pre-VN. Sierraa receivers for O2 mask replaced original leather tabs and:or Hardmann kit receivers for mask at the end of the 50s/beginning of the 60s. This kit was well used on APH-5 that were uging in VN. But I'm almost sure that this one is a pre-war periods helmet.


VMF-133 was a Reserve Marines squadron. Based at NAS Alameda, they were flying A4D Skyhawk.


Hoping it helps.



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Thanks for the info, ant chance he made it to VN for a short time? The seller told me so, but everthing comes with a short story it seems.

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Nice find! Only one match in the muster rolls; Richard M. Dolezal. First muster I found him in was October 1954. Last muster was 1958, however this is the last year available on Ancestry. He was a 1st Lt at the time, so he definitely continued service beyond that date seeing as the rank on the helmet is Captain. No way to confirm if he continued service into VN.


There is a Richar M. Dolezal in public records with a DOB of 6 June 1932 with addresses in Polson, MT and Collierville, TN. Likely the same fella.


No record for him in BIRLS or SSDI, so I would imagine he is still living, unless very recently deceased.



ASMIC #5492


Are you a militaria collector in PA, NJ or DE? If so, please feel free to join my "Delaware Valley Militaria Collectors" page on Facebook:



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