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FM Montgomery of Alamein and MG Ted Brooks

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This signed photo of FM Montgomery with my great-grandfather (Brooks, in front of Montgomery) was taken during preparations in 1944 for Operation Overlord. Not sure who the other general is.




RIP: John Kilby Smith, Brigadier Major, Continental Army; General, Maine Militia, US Revolution, War of 1812, Society of the Cincinnati {6th great grandfather}

RIP: Gilman Leavitt, Sergeant, 9th Regiment of New Hampshire Volunteers, US Civil War, wounded at Antietam and Spottsylvania, medical discharge {3rd great grandfather}

RIP: Lauriston Chamberlain, Private, 19th Regiment of Maine Volunteer Infantry, Company F, Principal Musician, US Civil War {3rd great grandfather}

RIP: Raymond Potter Campbell, COL, USA, WW1, WW2, USMA '16, DSM {great grandfather}

RIP: Edward Hale Brooks, LTG, USA, WW1, WW2, Korea, Norwich '16, DSC, DSM/OLC, SS/OLC, LOM, BSM {great grandfather}

RIP: Raymond Potter Campbell, Jr., COL, USA, WW2 (armor), Korea (armor), Vietnam (avn), USMA '41, LOM/2OLC, DFC, BSM/V/OLC {grandfather}

RIP: Edward Hale Brooks, Jr., MAJ, USAAF dec. - line of duty 1945, WW2, USMA Jan '43, DFC {great uncle}

{Uncle}, CAPT, USNR ret. USMMA '60

{Uncle}, LTC, USAF ret. bomber pilot, Vietnam

{Father}, COL, USA ret. helicopter pilot, Vietnam, LOM, BSM/OLC, AM/17OLC

{Cousin}, COL, USMC (active), Desert Shield, Desert Storm, LOM/2GS, BSM/GS, DMSM, MSM/GS, NCM/V/2GS, CAR/GS

{Cousin}, CPT, USA hon. discharge, USMA '94

{Son}, CPL, USMC (active). NDSM, GWOT-SM, KDSM, SSDR, Expert Rifleman

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