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Federal AA40 Frangible 5.56

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I could understand this, but I have had Vietnam and WWII ammo with the same scribbling or even worse, the exacto knife surgery, I would think that 40 years would be enough to get past statue of limitations. I was at at gun show a year ago and watched a guy across from me get some guy walk in with a ammo can of Vietnam dated .45 and he took a exacto knife and surgically cut all the lot numbers off.

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Your assumption that this ammo is USGI military and not civilian is correct. Frangible ammunition has very limited application in civilian circles, and is mainly used in training where it is desired that bullets do not travel intact for long distances. That is not to say that this stuff could not have been used by some Federal agency (Customs, FBI, DEA, etc.) in training, but it most likely is military. The DODIC number AA40 gives the characteristics of the ammo as specified by the military. The 2004 headstamp indicates it was manufactured by Federal Cartridge for use in the GWOT.


This quick blurb is from Global Security:


The Cartridge, 5.56mm Jacketed Frangible (DODIC AA40) is intended for use against personnel without collateral damage. It is intended to penetrate soft targets with the projectile breaking up on impact with hard targets. The DODIC AA40 consists of a brass cartridge case, a primer and propellant composition. The Jacketed Frangible cartridge contains a non-toxic, copper, tungsten powder and nylon binder designed to eliminates airborne lead and concerns for disposal. The copper alloy jacket eliminates barrel fouling and gas cutting into barrel and the double base propellant is clean burning. The 5.56mm Reduced Ricochet Limited Penetration (RRLP) cartridge is 5.56mm Frangible ammunition, and is intended to be used in the 14½ inch barreled M4A1 carbine, the 20 inch barreled M16A2 rifle, and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) or equivalents without modification.


Elimination of the Lot number is kinda foolish, in my opinion, and as a collector of USGI ammunition very irritating.


Hope that helps you.



Charlie Flick



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