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WWII 31st Infantry Officer POW Grouping -- Medals, Trench Art and more!

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Thank you for taking the time to post the photos...nice pick up!




Thank you for the comment. I also want to say, your P.I. "Mini-Museum" is incredible!! That my friend is an impressive collection.



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Thanks, John for the compliment!


Since we're on the topic of E Co., 31st Inf. items... Just want to toss this guy up here. Here's a picture of a guidon that belonged to Lt. Col. Edward G. Born. He served with the unit as an enlistedman during the Korean War.


It's made of dark blue cotton twill and the "31," the "E" and infantry rifles are made of melton wool. Apparently, these melton wool pieces are replacements. I had the opportunity to hold it up to a light and I could see the needle holes of the old "31," "E," and infantry rifles. Who knows, it may have been a pre-WWII, Philippine-made piece...



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Niner Alpha

On Guidon's . Here is a photo of the Company Commanders of the 6 battalion of the 31st Infantry right after the battalion was formed for Vietnam in 1967. The picture was taken at Ft. Lewis, Washington as the new battalion was in training.


Previous to Vietnam, Regiments were the general rule. By the time of Vietnam Regiments had become a thing of the past as far as operations went.




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I recently acquired this group and was able to add some more items thanks of the owner of Capt. Hinkle's diaries! I was able to acquire the matching 31st Inf crossed rifle, ribbon bars, photos , rank insignia, and some other items.


I have also been doing some research.


Here is a photo of the group with the additional insignia


hinkle b.JPG

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In my opinion, his WD ID card is one of the most interesting parts of this group. It is dated Aug 1941, which means he had to have kept it with him the entire time he was a POW.





hinkle f.jpg

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A couple of great patches, an I.D. card, his cap and a flag. The flag is made from a piece of his shirt sewn to a chop stick...any ideas on this. I am sure the purpose of the flag is lost with time!



I believe the purpose of the " flag" after looking at it closely is that it is a "fly swatter" used to keep the flies off his open wound he suffered from being shot in the leg in Dec 1941. His leg wasn't amputated until 1943, so I am sure it became quite attractive to flies. The cloth is stained and I am guessing it was used to shoo them away.



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