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WWII Posthumous Silver Star + 2 OLC grouping


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I recently acquired this grouping and thought the members of this forum would like to see it.


This grouping represents the service of Captain Daniel Moore . He commanded Company B , 331st Infantry , 83rd Division. He was KIA April 12, 1945 in Germany while covering his men on a recon patrol as they attempted to capture of a German position .


Captain Moore was a true hero having earned the Silver Star with 2 OLC , The Bronze Star , The Purple Heart, and a Croix De Guerre . Earning a single Silver Star is no small feat , and Captain Moore was awarded three .


One of my favorite items in this group is a German flag taken during the capture of St. Lunaire France on August 10, 1944 . All of the men who served with Co. B have their names written on the Flag with Capt Moore's name at the top.


Only the Silver Star and Purple Heart are named . The Bronze Star and an additional Purple Heart are not. I believe he had been wounded in an earlier action , but I have not verified it yet. There is still much research to be done. I do have 2 out of the 3 Silver Star citations.




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Citation for the 2nd OLC of the Silver Star , for the action in which he was killed.





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Pics of some of the names written on the German Flag .





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Lastly , one of the things a mother would never want to receive. It is a letter written to Daniel marked " Deceased " and returned to her.




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from April 45 After-Action Report


12 April 45

The 1st Battalion closed in DERENBURG at 0630,after a hectic night of black-out driving in pitch-black darkness in which some elements got off on the wrong road. As the Germans were on the run it was imperative that maximum pressure be maintained. Accordingly at 0730 Co. "B" spearheaded the Battalion toward LANGENSTEIN. Captain Daniel Moore, in a jeep, dashed ahead of his company riding tanks to check the road net and was ambushed. He had just by-passed an enemy group without knowing it. Captain Moore's radio operator was killed, his bodyguard wounded, his driver captured, and he himself fatally wounded.


"B" Company continued along the route determined to make the "jerries" pay for their underhandedness and utter disregard for the rights of others. Upon reaching the outskirts of the town of BORNECKE (Harz) (2763), the Battalion's second objective, the company was met by heavy mortar, machine gun, and small arms fire. Lt. Schwadron, Co. "B", made an estimate of the situation and then requested assistance from the Battalion Commander. At 1015, after appraising the resistance in front of Co. :B", "C" Company was ordered to LANGENSTEIN and thence to BORNECKE from the North. Co. "C" was committed against the town from the North under a machine gun, mortar, tank destroyer, and artillelry barrage. Co. "C" commanded by Captain Patrick Murphy, put on a nerve-shattering demonstration of marching fire as they moved into town with three platoons spitting lead.



When Captain Moore was evacuated it was a great loss to the Battalion and to the Regiment. Co. "B" had been through some of the heaviest fighting of this war, and Captain Moore, the only original rifle company commander in the Regiment, had led this company all the way through the bitter fighting in Normandy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Hurtgen Forest, the Ardennes, and in the epochal race of the Division into the heart of the German Reich. This gallant and outstanding combat leader, with more decorations for exploits in battle since landing on the Continent than any other fighter in the Division, not only had the love and admiration of his officers and men, but left behind indelibly written in the hearts of the brave soldiers whom he so gallantly led, a brilliant combat record few mortals will ever equal.

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