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I would like to learn more about the USAF mess (evening) dress chevrons. I understand that the white on white chevrons were approved for wear on the white mess dress uniforms from 1959 to 1971.


The bright (mylar?) silver on black chevrons were approved for the black (1961) and also white formal mess dress uniforms (1969) until 1992.


I believe with the changes in uniforms and chevrons for 1992 the new white on blue chevrons could be worn on all dress uniforms.


This brings up the question about when and on which uniforms were the bullion on blue chevrons to be worn by NCOs?




And also when and on which uniforms were the bright silver on blue chevrons to be worn? I cannot find this information.




I hope some of the more experienced collectors can provide this information for me. Thank you for your help.




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My understanding is that Mylar & Bullion chevrons were worn on mess dress and the special full dress uniforms worn by special details such as honor guards and color guards. After 1994, all blue uniforms got the new white on blue chevrons.

Trying to nail down specific dates and uniforms for some of these special USAF chevrons has at times been a bit confusing, so my statements above really need to be verified.




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Thank you for your reply. I was waiting for more replies or information, but apparently you've nailed the answer or the other USAF experts are on vacation.

Thanks again. I assumed the bullion chevrons were worn by NCOs for the same occasions the officers wore their fancy bullion shoulder boards.

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