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Post your OSS groups

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I have thought there is a need for a Special Operations Page on the forum. So, in that theme, here is a sampling of my OSS collection

LTC Estey was a Property Control Officerfor the field Photographic Branch. he was a retread who was awarded a Silver star and meritorious service PH in WW1 while assigned to the 26th Infantry. The PH in WW2 was awarded 6 December 1944 while assigned to the OSS London HQ. This colorful event is recorded in Robert Alcorn's book "No Banner No Bands". In short, he was in wounded in the derriere by glass blown in from a V-2 that landed nearby while engaged with a lady of the evening.





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Naylor Foote: Originally in the British Army, served in the OSS in China. During the Korean War, served with UNPIK until captured and spending the rest of the war as a POW.



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I wish. I have been trying to research it through the soldier's medal to no avail. I think the LTC rank is added or the officer was promoted after his time in in China and added the rank. Otherwise it would be easy to verify. There is a number (9187) inked where it says Lot Number but have had no luck with that either. It is a nice uniform. I just wish I could ID it.

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Amazing collection! The way you have it displayed is very nice as well.



Actively Seeking:

WW2 USN/USMC Attributed/Named Purple Heart Groups

WW2 USN/USMC Combat Aviation Groups


WW2 and Prior USN/USMC Medal Groups


Contact me if you have something



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Here is the only OSS group I have. This is from Colonel Douglas Harper who was just short of amazing. His obituary (posted here: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/OBITUARY-Douglas-Harper-2807780.php ) says he made more than 1500 jumps! The items I have of his are all Vietnam era. I have his greens, dress blues and his mess dress. There are a handful of insignia with some CBI made pins but no full-size medals.


Unfortunately it is in a box right now because I have no way to properly display it and quickly pulled it out for this post.




My friends, my heroes. You will never be forgotten.

Jason Gonzalez- June 5, 2005

Keith Mariotti- June 30, 2005

Jason West- July 24, 2006

Carlos Martinez- April 25, 2009

Patrick Hamburger- August 6, 2011

Kevin Hatcher- March 29, 2012

David Chu- June 23, 2013

Steven Keech- September 15, 2013

Mark Armijo- March 6, 2019



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Excellent focused collection. You have some really great items there!



AAF Collector...........
**Always Buying WW2 Aviation Related Items: Especially Operation Tidal Wave items (1st Ploesti Raid) ..... WW2 Fighter Ace Related Items.....Higher End A-2 Flight Jacket Groups....AAF Related Valor Medal Groups**

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