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Cavalry? Strange Leather Hatchet Cover

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Anyone know what this? Wonder if it's a cavalry hatchet cover but I have never seen one so I can't be sure.

I know the G&K stands for Graton and Knight and the E.J.B. is the inspector stamp but the 1918 date is strange.

Any help would be appreciated.







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That's the M1912 Hatchet Cover.The long strap and ring was so it could be lashed to something like a wagon,


Thanks, do you have a source for that? The cover in the M1912 field manual is hard to make out. Is this a rare item?

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Ordnance Memorandum 1715 shows the Cavalry Equipments, Model of 1912. It shows a hatchet cover, but that one ain't it. So if it is a Model 1912, it definitely isn't Cavalry.


I believe it has more to do with wagon equipment tool sets than Cavalry.

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Anybody got a Sledge Carrier Model of 1912 shown in the book on Big Al's link?I note it lists the broad hatchet under Pioneer Tools and that they were commercially purchased items.

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