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1943 Metal Top Canteen Question


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Looking through a box of gear in my garage I found this metal top canteen. Hoping to find an ever elusive 1941 dated canteen I checked this one as I couldn't remember what it was. The cover is a nice SHANE MFG 1943 dated example and the canteen is marked US AGM CO 1943. I thought they stopped making these in 1942. Did they continue into 43? The body looks like the kind I always find on the metal top canteens and not the later plastic top body type. The top does not appear to be a replacement on the body and the mountings look unaltered.


Any information is welcome.






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It doesn't really answer your question, but I have the same set, SHANE cover and A.G.M. Co. canteen with the metal lid, but mine are both dated 1942.

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Just a wild guess, but I would think that they used up existing stocks of whatever was on hand until that supply was exhausted. This was done with just about everything we produced during the war from web gear to helmets and liners to rifles. There was almost always some overlap when introducing a new style of component to something. Perhaps a worker at AGM in 1943 found a box of unused steel caps and the boss said to use them even though the plastic cap had been standardized. The same could be speculated for the canteen body too.

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