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Fake OSS Airborne Alert


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These are in a lot of old collections. Once you see one in person you will have no doubt they aren't WWII vintage.


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Here's a great article written by Les Hughes on OSS Insignia to Avoid




This article talk's about that patch as well as others,




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The patch that started this thread is a known fake.Its a copy of Captain Wm. DeSalvos famous one of a kind shoulder insignia shown on Les Hughes website.A well known dealer asked Wm. DeSalvo for a copy of his shoulder insignia and DeSalvo obliged with a line drawing.Captain DeSalvo made one very important change to his line drawing he put in the word Airborne instead of the word Parachute which is what's on his original Italian made one of a kind shoulder patch.Captain DeSalvo was a very smart man because less that two to three months later guess what turned up a box of the pale blue insignias with Airborne on them claiming they were the same as Captain DeSalvos.I had the pleasure to see Wm.DeSalvos patch when his son graciously brought it for show and tell at an East coast show.It has to be one of the rarest if not thee rarest of all elite unit insignias on the planet.Scotty

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Item was removed. Reply from seller>

Hi, thanks again for the info I canceled the item because of what you said. Now I am curious to why you think or how you know the patch is a fake. I am good friends with the guy I got the patch from. His name is Jon Lavin and he still says the patch is real and that he had one and sold it and had no problem with anyone saying its a fake. Thanks for your time Brad


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Bill Scott

I know John Lavin well he is a nice young man but just because he has had another one that sold does not make it real.I have sold insignia over the years that turned out to be fake ie: 555th triple nickel with the red airborne attached tab-Army language School to name a few.I know these supposed OSS insignias are fake I know the name of the guy who had them made many years ago.We all make mistakes its how you handle them when you find out something is not real thats the secret to keeping people happy.Scotty

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