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I have a preference for the beach side myself

Thank you to all that have served our country and to your families that have sacrificed without your presence at home. Thank you to all that have given their lives for my freedom and to their families that suffer. May God bless you!

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No Doubt...well done !



20 years experience in BUYING and SELLING Militaria


Collecting and Researching ALL THINGS 1st and 2nd MARDIV '39 -'45


1st MARDIV activity in Australia post Guadalcanal and Australian Manufacturers contracted to supply clothing and equipment for the refit.


2nd MARDIV involvement on Guadalcanal and 'Bloody' Tarawa



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Great pick up Anton. Like the heavy wear on the greenside. This might be a good one to display greenside with the rear flaps left out as often seen worn to show both colors and the wear line. Just a thought. That's a nice one!

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Well, I went with Jungle side.

I added a salty head band and chin strap.

What do you think?

OR, should I go back to beach side?

What is cool is that with the Jungle side out and the cover placed on as shown, the tape patterns inside the lid match up to the tape residue on the cover flaps.


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