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The ABCs of Collecting WWII Army Issued HBT Clothing

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I'm curious about doyler's USN set are the trousers' button 13 stars or laurel leaf type like the jacket?

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A very informing topic, because I recently bought this HBT Jacket OD7 special with plastic buttons, a version you don't see quite often. So that's why a was a little in doubt wether it was a regular issued jacket.

HBT OD7 Special No 45D front.jpg

HBT OD7 Special No 45D tag.jpg

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As far as I know plastic buttons were just a substitute for the metal. War time economics. I have seen the trousers with all plastic buttons as well. Your pattern looks like the standard SPECIAL which has the gas flap as the Special specs called for.

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I came across a singular pair of trousers the other day:


A pair of P43 model but in twill rather than HBT... I knew these existed for the Navy, but i didn't know they used twill for Army trousers pattern as well...


Anybody as some more info on these?





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