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White & Red 222nd Aviation Battalion Huey Alaska 1982.

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Remembered this one. Here's a hairy photo I took of one of the 222nd few OD painted Chinooks, taken in July 81 at Black Rapids, son of gun just flew right over our heads basically ready to land when I quickly snapped photo, a blurry one, we were bowed low at this point, and my hands where a bit jittery there as she roared in right above us :lol:.


Of note is the use of skis instead of wheels on the C47, even in summer months, brief as they where.

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Apparently the high viz scheme was used even before WWII.


Here is a 1930's vintage O-38F retrieved from the Alaskan wilderness and beautifully restored by the National Museum of the US Air Force.


This particular aircraft crashed in 1941 and remained almost intact and untouched until 1968. The film of it at the museum that when the retrieval party went to pull it back, all it was missing were the seats. They were located in a local hunters cabin being used as chairs!




The photo is from the museum website.

150712-F-IO108-047 b.jpg

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Circa mid 60s, a Flying Banana, believe this one is from either the 19th Avn Bn at Ft Richardson, or maybe a little earlier in the 60s in the USARAL Avn Det.

I'm imagining in either case, USARAL Avn Det or the 19th Avn Bn, the unit patch worn would of been the Teddy Bear patch.



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