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Name That War Film


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I don't know if our scorekeeper is appalled or not but this is more fun then I expected.

I think our "scorekeeper" is appalled at how far this thread has gone and how cavalier the contributors have become assuming that he will somehow always gladly "balance the check book" for all of us. I did my two contributions way back on page 5, post #96 & 99. I tried to figure it out (meaning to post the latest leader board) and then I started to get a headache. It didn't help that I had opened a beer and after a few sips my mathematical skills (already marginal) began to unravel. I'm sorry, I gave it up and walked away.
What we need here is for a Forum Member who is an accountant by trade to square away our books on this thread! Don't throw it to our poor ethical founder (of this thread) TasmanianDevil! It is enough that he is our Creator!

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Steve Cochran The Tanks are coming. I love the M10's mocked to look like Panthers and they use the same Ft. Knox Stream from the 1941 Movie of the same name.





Well that was easy. I saw this movie a long time ago and forgotten the title. Finally found it on Netflix one day and still after seeing it fifty years still is a great movie for tank buffs.

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here is another one. Looking at the post I just realized that even with down sizing this pic is to big & at that size it's to eazy..



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And a second for good luck.



AAH....AAAH, I know that one, this is from Soldiers in the Rain, Jackie Gleeson back, Tuesday Weld face.

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Not Red Beach and yes you were right on soldier in the rain

Oh is this Red Beach? also was I correct on the Gleeson one?

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Trying again.



Retreat Hell, aka 38th parallel I always remember That scene where Russ Tamblyn asks where his brother is, gets dusty when I see that.

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