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Name That War Film


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I received this PM from a member here:

“I didn't want to horn in on your excellent thread but here's a suggestion for a pic to post.”


First it is not my thread Tasmanian Devil started it and all are welcome to post films and answers to it.


Now It looks like what I thought would happen has happened. It looks like the thread has devolved into just a few members posting and answering. Well guys does it look like this thread has run course and is ready to be shut down for now?

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Well, I'll jump in as a new guy. Here's a new pic to ponder. Anyone know which movie it's from?

Up From The Beach

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Hey guys,

I would most likely know more but there are so many small pics that I can't make out who is in them.


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Schmitty, new kid on the block, this is Darby's Rangers.

Yup! figured that was an easy one! One of my personal favorites too!

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Breakthrough (1950) it is. John Agar as Lt. Mallory is in the shot. So is Dick Wesson who played Hansen.

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I'll start off with some of my own. I'm going to attach pictures or scenes from the films to make it abit trickier



1. and 2.



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