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Name That War Film


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Hmmp, I can honestly say I never heard of this one.



I saw this movie just before I joined the Coast Guard. My darkest fear was to be sent to a Buoy tender as a cook (hated cooking then). I was lucky, a third of my recruit company were sent to tenders. Lived in the same barracks that were used in the movie.

Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom?--Death, Hogfather/Terry Pratchett



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My Nephew loves this Movie "What did you do in the war, Daddy"

Correct, a pretty funny movie, I just love the one scene where Dick Shawn's charactor, Captain Cash, wakes up drunk after the feast, and doesn't know where he really is, and in his skivies go's out from the bedroom, and shouts "All Right......Fall In" and promply trips and falls down the flight of stairs :lol: Harry Morgan, great as always, funny, I love the Italian Officer, Capitano Oppo's misunderstanding of his Morgan's charactor's name, Major Potter, and thus keeps calling him Major Potty :lol: alot of funny scenes.

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Sometimes it takes a brick to fall on me to get things in. This thread has gotten out of hand. But this is a very fun thread. And it seemed like a thread that one would start and kind of stand back and watch the fun. I’m sure that we all bow in respect to our creator for starting this thread. But it is like a freight train and I don’t Think we can stop it.



Empire of the Son

Cross of Iron

Red Badge of Courage

12 O’clock High

Thin Red Line

Abridge to Far

Dam Busters

Pork Chop Hill

Flying leathernecks

Beneath Hill 60

Letters From Iwo Jima

Gods and Generals

Enemy at the Gates

Hell is for Heros

The hurt LockerThe OneThat Got Away



Iron Triangle

Thunder Afloat/ linedoggie

Hell in the Pacfic/ Scott G.

The Steel Helmet/ linedoggie

Never so Few/ Saberjet

China Gate/ 45ACP

Lost Command/ Krautpot

The Way Ahead/ Krautpot

The Lost Patrol/ History-Buff1944

The 300 Spartans/ History-Buff1944

The Red Beret/ linedoggie

The Immortal Sergeant/ 45ACP

The Mountian Road/ linedoggie

The Naked and the Dead/ Patches

Tobrok/ Patches

Castle Keep/ Jeeper704

No time for Sergeants/

Men in War/ RMoore456

The Real Glory/45ACP

Go Tell the Spartans/ Linedoogie

Home of the Brave/ Lindoggie

Air Force/ Linedoggie

Gunga Din/ Vostoktrading

Sergeantrs Three/ Linedoggie

The Loers/ Linedoggie

Kartoum & Kitchener/ Linedoggie

Twilight Zone/ Linedoggie

G. I. Blues/ Linedoggie

The Tanks are Coming/ Linedoggie

The War Lover/ Coastie

Solider in the Rain/Patches

Retreat Hell/ Linedoggie

Onionhead/ Linedoogie

What Did You Do in the War Daddy?/ Linedoggie

The Russians Are Coming/ Moore456



This from post #77 page 4



HolyHappiness 3

Linedoggie 3

B-17Guy 2

ScottG 2

Terry K 1

Johan Willaert 1

Sabrejet 1

MattS 1

Garandomatic 1

RustyCanteen 1

history-buff1944 1




This is the current Scorecard I think:

Linedoggie -15

rmoore456 -5


history-buff1944 -3

HolyHappiness 3

Patches -3

ScottG -3

45ACP -3

RMoore456 -3

B-17Guy 2

Krautpot -2

Sabrejet -2

ScottG 2

Coastie -1

KYsoldier -1

Jeeper704 -1

Vostoktrading -1

Terry K 1

Johan Willaert 1

MattS 1

Garandomatic 1

RustyCanteen 1


If anything is wrong give me a heads up.

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A new movie but don't forget the movie in posts #217 & #232



That's Bogey right, then this is from Battle Circus, the Korean War movie about MASH pilots, the real one's or kind the real one's :lol:

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That's right Patches. HB1944 Patches was first. What about the movie in posts #217 & #232?

That's Bogey right, then this is from Battle Circus, the Korean War movie about MASH pilots, the real one's or kind the real one's :lol:

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That be: Patton.

Correct, the scene in Sicily where Patton cans a 3rd division Infantry Battalion Commander for his lack of forcing a river fast enough to suit Patton's objective timetable.

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That's John Lennon in "How I won the War" 1967 I think. Scott.



How I won the war.




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