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Survival Headgear

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I was taking some photos cataloging and thought I would share these. Headgear developed for survival purposes during WWII.

The development of headgear was mostly influenced by survivors utilizing life rafts and secondly jungle use for insect protection. This is a basic run down .

The first service to standardize survival headgear was the AAF Wich was a basic headnet intended to be included in emergency kits.

Mosquito , Headnet part # 43G3868 standardized in 1942.

The construction is very basic having a tube shape with a bobbi netting and cloth top.




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The Bureau of Aeronautics soon followed suit and developed a similar Headnet for use on pneumatic life rafts. Same type of construction as the AAF counterpart but with a modification on the face area by adding a wire frame and slot for drinking and eating without having to lift the veil.

Referenced as Headnet,Mosquito Naval Aeroanutical specification M-565 standardized in 1943


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During the spring and summer of 1943 a series of life raft field tests were conducted jointly and separately be each aviation service.

One of the consistent observations was inadequate sun protection from head to toe. From the neck down simple solutions were presented but the protection of the head required a bit more thought.

The BuAer developed an improved Headnet incorporating a a cloth veil for both the face and neck. Another special feature was the addition of a spout on the top to be used conjunction with the 5 quart water bladder developed in parallel with this new head piece.

Referenced as Hat,Headnet,Protective Nav spec. M-565a standardized in 1944


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The AFF developed a sun hat that also had multiple functions but differed greatly from the BuAer solution. There design was full brim cap which was adjustable green on one side for camouflage and arc yellow on the other for signaling. Another aspect of sun protection was glare and on the M565a the veil with the fairly narrow slits provided adequate glare protection. The AAF addressed the issue by utilizing a combination of the sun hat and sun goggles.

Referenced as Hat,Sun drawing 44G5062 standardized in 1943. The hat was intended to be issued with multi person life rafts and emergency kits.


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Such bizarre headgear....but very interesting nevertheless!

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A great Collection you have there!

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