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The Proud Kraut Patch Collection

Proud Kraut

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Proud Kraut

After joining the forum some months ago I would like to post my patch collection today.



My collection contains about 2100 colored patches and 200 separate tabs. Most of them Army, some Army Air Force and a few USMC and Navy ones.

The bulk of the patches is period. I have a couple of repros in my collection, about 70 - 80 pieces.

Why? I bought them when I was an unexperienced beginner (there was a time without the internet long long time ago...) and truely spent too much money for them. I'm keeping them as placeholders until I find a real one for a reasonable price.



I started collecting Third Reich militaria at the age of 16. I spent a lot of money for bad fakes and felt not well with that stuff I had for several reasons. I quit. At the same time a neighbor broke off his U.S.Army patch collection. Once I saw them I was infected. I bought what I could and tried to enlarge my collection whenever possible. I have had a brake for a while (family, children, career, building a house, you know what I mean) but never gave up definitely.

If you collect U.S. Army militaria in Germany you are part of a very small group. No problem! But what I missed most was the chance to talk to like-minded collectors or those who wear or have worn these patches. I found this at the forum now and I really enjoy it every day.



I'm using Styrofoam plates 100 x 50 x 2 cm. I cover them with light grey cloth. I experimented with darker colors, even "Woodland" camouflage cloth (silly to display a WW II patch on Woodland!) but then I felt that a light and neutral color would highlight the patches best. I pinned the patches on these plates. The patches weren't damaged and I'm able to "redeploy" easily when I get something new.


Advice for the beginner:

1. Knowledge saves money. Most of the kwnowledge you need is available here, use it and ask!

2. It does not matter how many patches you or others have in their collection, enjoy the single piece, it's great and it's yours!

3. Buy what you see, you will never see it again (yes, I also passed by a T-Force patch once)!



Please have a close look at the RCT/Logistical Cmd plate (29). I really would like to fill these gaps eventually: 306th and 316th Logistical Cmd and 351st RCT.


What comes next:

I'm starting a worldwide Artillery (that's my branch; I'm a proud gunner too!) patch collection. With St. Barbara's help I'm trying to get one Arty patch from every country in the world. So if your country has an Artillery, they will have a patch. And if you have this patch, let me know...


Now back to the U.S. patches, here we go!




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