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BC1335A and EE8 Radios


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I have an opportunity to purchase these radios and this flag.

I am a helmet guy and know little about radios.

Can you tell me anything about them?

Are they WWII?

What should I look for?

He says the one is Kellog and rare.

Also, how much are these items going for?


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Picked up the EE8s, the BC1335A and an unopened pancho for $100.

Cleaned them up and 3 of 4 actually work.

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Sorry I got to this late-the EE-8s are really robust and you can most always get them working. As you found out. You got a steal on them if you paid $20 for the leather cased ones. I have one, canvas cased, and need a leather one.

What's not working on the 4th one (i.e. the ringer)? Maybe I can help you figure it out.

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Thanks for the input.

What do they generally go for?

No the ringer is OK.

The hand held mouth/earpiece does not work. Only two wires connect to the device as opposed to the others which connect with a blk, red & white wire.

It is a shame because it is a Kellogg.

I got the other 3 to work. They can communicate with each other and I can even hook them to my home phone line.

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