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APH-5 Helmet Parts

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Does anybody here know where I could locate some APH-5 flight helmet parts and hardware? I'm looking to complete one shell and also need some original visor screws. Any help would be appreciated. Bill

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Try the following sources:








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Ebay is probably your best friend for those parts. I've seen numerous APH parts on there over the past few years at fairly decently prices.


What kind of APH-5 is it? Army or Navy? If I dig though my parts box, I might have a new old stock OD green chin strap with the attaching nuts and screws for the APH or AFH type helmets.


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Can only second Ebay as your best route. Loads of stuff there when it comes to parts for flight helmets.




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Thanks for the help. I checked out those few websites and found nothing. I guess Ebay will be the way to go.

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