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163rd Infantry/ Japanese Helmet Bringback

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This is my first Japanese helmet and I'm very proud to have it! The helmet was a bringback from the war in the Southwest Pacific by a Vet of Company I, 163rd Inf., 41st Division. The 163rd was a Montana National Guard unit. They were one of the lead units for General Douglas MacArthur's "Island Hopping" fighting in the Southwest Pacific. MacArthur was with the 163rd on one of their Island landings. The Japanese nicknamed the unit, "The Butchers!"

The helmet is named to the unit and has the name of all the Islands and ports that they visited from New Guinea to the Philippines to their occupation duty on Hiro. I was able to get a history of the 163rd Infantry from an author in Montana.







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The 41st Inf Div has a great history that was published just after the war. It should be pretty widely available yet. The 163rd is referenced very often.

"They'd rather be alive than free; poor dumb bastards."

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Great lid thanks for sharing

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Always looking to buy

Canadian special service medals German WW2 wound badges and wound medals/badges from every other nation


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