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M3a4 Handcart Farm find in Germany

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I´m from Germany and want to show you what was left here in Germany from WW2!
This cart was found in the western Eifel near the city of Prüm near the Belgian Luxembourg German border. The Finder tells me, that it was left there from German Troops (In this Area the 5th German Fallschirmjäger Division, 5th Paratrooper Division was active.)

The US Troops in this area was the 4th Infantry Division (IVY). If it is true, that the cart was lost by the Paratroopers, It could be captured from the 28th Infantry or even the 101st Airborne near Bastogne.

But most probably it was lost by Soldiers of the IVY Division, I think - but never will know this ...

The guy who sold it, don´t know what it was, he thougt it was a German Handcart.

The Dataplate is missing, but a number is stamped there. It isn´t easy to read it, but something like 10105 . But the number is normaly to high for this kind of cart without top box reinforcement and Bracket holes?! Maybe the specialists can help? With some phantasy it could read RIA 6105. That would be more fitting.

But there are other things that are special on this cart. The Lunette was made bigger and the pole was bend and made a little bit longer. First I thougt this was made by the Farmer...

While taking it apart, I was looking to the reinforcement Plate over the bended area, an I saw a countersunk hole. This kind of holes are very special and I tried to put a Armor Bolt from a Halftrack into it, it fits perfect! So maybe this piece of Metal (its realy thick) could be a part of a backarmor from a Halftrack! So I was thinking, the bigger Lunette, the bend pole (for more high while towing) and the Halftrack Parts, could it be possible, that this is theater made for pullig this cart behind a Truck or a Halftrack? First I was thinking about cutting the bed piece out and make it to the original condition, but in the moment I´m not shure to do so.

Sorry for the little difficult english, its not my home talk!

Gruß christian























Everything about Baumholder Training Area


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Great find...


Seems like an early M3A4 without reinforcing rib at the top of the box, which were (all?) made by the Rock Island Arsenal (RIA).

This is the third RIA I have seen that has lost its dataplate and where the number RIAxxxxx is stamped directly into the box.


No way to know when exactly it was altered and by whom...


If you want to read more about these please check out my website here:




Or Craig Johnson's site here:


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Cool find.


6395 is the earliest number on my serial list and 10512 is the highest of the R.I.A. Carts without the strap and holes on the top of the body. As far as I can tell they made around 4500 M3A4's without holes., There are only 11 on my list. Serial number 6200 is an aluminum Cart so your number would be higher than this.

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get some time to work on the Cart. I decidet to let it in its configuration, as I get it. Thats its history I think.

After sandblasting, the Serial Number was visible:




I have to clean up the nuts, bolts and the other small thing now. The wheels were very bad, so this is work for the winter, but I found an old mower in my cellar, and the wheels fit the cart! Better than no wheels at all.


Hope you like it.


Gruß christian








Everything about Baumholder Training Area


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Today a Friend gave me this stencils, original US Army.

So I tried them on the Handcart.

I used a brush and white color, its not perfect, but this was the first try, so it looks like fieldmade...

Next time I will use spray paint.

It is now Vehicle 6 in HQ Company of 3rd Bataillon in the 302nd Regiment of the 94th Infantry Divison

This unit fought here in my area and this Bataillon took the hometown of my Grandparents on

March 18 1945




Everything about Baumholder Training Area


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