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Eagle Industries Tactical Vest - Old Gen

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Early to mid 1990's Eagle Industries TAC-V-N (rifleman) with older metal hook fasteners on the magazine pockets. The color of this vest is olive green.


Attached to the bottom of the vest is a US belt with two M16 magazine pouches (three magazines per pouch), two 1 quart canteens, an older cloth buttpack (M-56 vinatage), and two first aid/compass pouches on the right and left side of the front of the belt. Paracord is used on the front of the belt as an extender.


This vest would have been used by individuals in the Special Forces community.


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Back of the vest. Vest also has two velcr strips down the back and two snaps at the top for the attachment of a backpack.


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Metal hook fastener. These were used for a short period of time and eventually were replaced with velcro fasteners.


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