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Repro Coveralls

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Jerry Lee (What Price Glory) produces a repro of the late-war style HBT coveralls. I have a pair and they are fine. However, my originals are the early war style and, to be honest, I like their design (pocket placement, etc.) better. I have seen a repop of the early coveralls but, for the life of me, cannot find them from any of the normal dealers. Anyone have an idea who is producing them?


Thanks, thumbsup.gif


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I am currently setting up a new militaria busines focusing on early/pre war stuff. The early HBT coverall and the pre war denim coveralls are in the works and should ready by June/July.

My homepage will be finished this month. I will let you know as soon as it is up and running.



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How close will your "early" stuff be to originals?,Will you be doing the coveralls in S,M,L?..





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Well, I am strictly copying originals and I know that most or better all originals out there lack authenticity. The HBt coveralls have the same weave, weight and color as the originals for example. I was looking for a good repro first pattern coverall for years and so I decided to make them. Sizewise they will be from S-XXl. My WAC coveralls are finished now and I will post some pics next week.

I will keep you guys updated anyway.

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