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Pinks and Greens Clarification Question

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I am certain this topic is covered elsewhere in the forum, however my computer if having issues using the search feature. In regards to the WWII officer olive drab uniform, was the Olive Drab shade 51 coat the same color as the "chocolate" colored variant. I have referenced olive-drab.com and the article mentions that OD 51 existed as well as a darker "chocolate" variant: "A second Service Coat color was darker, still olive drab but with a chocolate shade of brown". However I have read elsewhere, and more than a few times, that OD 51 was indeed the "chocolate" color. I just want to investigate if olive-drab.com is incorrect as I suspect. Thanks.


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The classic WW2 officers' dark OD coats were officially #51....the contrasting "pink" pants were # 54. Pre war there was a lighter brown shade of OD used but I'm not sure of its spec number. To further muddy the waters, there was also the so-called "AAF officers' coat" with its integral belt which was mostly worn by AAF cadets and was yet another shade of greenish-brown OD! Then there were the ETO jackets and Ikes.....all technically "OD" :o

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